High Five: Veterans Build Home For Advocate That Once Helped Them

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GREENLAND (KFSM) - A woman who once helped homeless veterans find shelter found herself being helped by them once her husband passed away and she found herself homeless. Now, those veterans are coming together to help her build a home.

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  • rob

    thanks to 5 news for sharing this story. It scares me thinking as a vet that if I might pass that it could take 6 months before my wife could receive any type of death benefits. While they take there time on the results. I don’t think people understand the great things that paul and rebecca did for there fellow vets. They housed, fed, helped place, clothe and any other things that over 12 homeless Veteran family’s needed for 6 months or more. For me, my 6 year old son, wife, and blind mother they did all of this and more they even came out to me when i had a car accident and helped find the parts to fix my car. Now a few days after paul passed away the last 2000$ she had that was put together for his funeral was stolen while she was shopping at a local thrift store for clothes for the funeral. They tell her she has to wait for the autopsy results before she can find out about death benefits and that can take 6 months. He was only 46 in the everyday world its hard to prepare for something like that and i feel as vets we should be there for her as she was for us. By the way she is a veteran herself. Me and one of the other veteran from the program have been out there helping every day. Pauls family and friends helped while they where here also. What this has let me see is a huge flaw in the veteran world and what I want to do is start a web page where veteran surviving spouses can leave requests anonymously or privately so they don’t have to feel uncomfortable and people and organizations can donate time, funds, and materials. It will help both sides if you want to and can help with this please email at paulzdream@yahoo.com thank and have a blessed day

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