Bikes, Blues And BBQ Features Live Music On Dickson

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FAYETTEVILLE [KFSM] - Since the first day of Bikes, Blues & BBQ, local and out-of-town bands have been entertaining large crowds on Dickson Street at the beer garden.

Little Rock band Steve Hester and Deja Voodoo performed around 5 p.m. Saturday. Keyboardist Chip Goodwin said their style of music fits right in with the theme of the rally.

"It's really blues oriented, kind of on the heavy side, a little more rocky, like if you're familiar with Kenny Wayne Shepard," Goodwin said.

Vocalist and bass guitarist Steve Hester said having thousands of people listen to his band's music is big for their career.

"Oh it's huge, I mean from what I understand this is the second biggest bike rally in the United States now so it's huge, huge," Hester said.

He said the band is made up of drummer David Bishop, keyboardist and slide guitarist Chip Goodwin and Zach Hawkins on guitar. He said being on the main stage Saturday night means everything for his band.

"It's a great kick start for us, I mean we are going in January to the Sun Dance Film Festival, and then we are going to work our way back to Georgia and Florida after that, and then up the East Coast so this is a huge start for us."

Once the rally ends, Goodwin said they will get back to writing and recording.

"We're going to the studio next week to cut a new CD," Goodwin said.

Steve Hester and Deja Voodoo is one of twenty bands that performed on the main stage since the rally began on Wednesday.


  • Rickey Holtsclaw

    Well, I figured the “thug fest” in Fayetteville was this weekend when I saw (and heard) the Village People look-alike contestants blasting their loud bikes through Van Buren and Ft. Smith. Looks like it will take a good “nonfeasance” lawsuit against Fayetteville’s Mayor and Governor Beebe to motivate the enforcement of Arkansas’ motor vehicle code which clearly states all motor vehicles will have a muffler meeting OEM standards. Loud bikers are an embarrassment to the American male as they loudly bully their way through our neighborhoods, surface streets and Interstates clamoring for attention and affirmation like a sixth grade girl. What a shame!

    • Elaphas

      Glad this is over. Why did that jerk Giles have to bring this garbage to the Ozarks? Greed is why. Now we have all these out of state clowns to look forward to every year. Thanks Joe; you a**wipe.

    • j

      a “thug fest?” People need to lighten up. The majority of people that I meet are hard working individuals, professionals, retired grand parents, parents, family’s that ride together and above all else – responsible Americans. I’m sure you would see the difference in your community if BBB did not take place, or has Walmart bailed the town out too many times to see thru the rose colored glasses. When was the last time you did something for charity, or for your community? It’s people like you that needs to get out on a bike and take a ride through your local area. Your pink Vespa does not count. Besides, that might be too loud for your hearing aids too.

  • Dan Fridenberg

    It is one of the biggest charity events in America but hay I get it .charity is good as long as it don’t bother you.

  • Dan Fridenberg

    Your thug fest is full of doc. Lawyers, cops, preachers blue collar workers of all types , vets. Form all wars and all branches. You should come out a have some fun.

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