Riots Continue in Ferguson after Police Officer Shot

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FERGUSON, Mo. (KFSM) – Protesters were back out in the streets in Ferguson, Missouri Sunday night (Sept. 29).

Authorities said eight people were arrested outside the Ferguson Police Department, as part of the latest round of protests over the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The arrests came one night after a Ferguson police officer was shot in the arm. Authorities have identified the officer shot as Tim Zoll.

Authorities said Zoll was patrolling the Ferguson Community Center when the shooting happened. He was struck in the arm, and then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Authorities said Zoll is expected to recover.

Meanwhile, officers are searching for the man responsible for the shooting. Authorities have described him as a black man with dreadlocks, but are not releasing a more specific description.

(CNN contributed to this report.)


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