One Dead, Another Hospitalized in Fort Smith Shooting

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-  One man is dead and another man is hospitalized after a shooting Saturday night (Sept. 27), according to police. The family said it was Chris Morris who was killed during a fight at his home.

Authorities on Monday (Sept. 28) said they were searching for three juvenile males considered to be suspects in the incident. Investigators said they know who the juveniles are but have not caught them yet.

Fort Smith police said the shooting happened after five people  were involved in a fight at a home at the intersection of North 21st and L streets.

"We were in the living room,"said neighbor Crystal Jackson. "We heard some gun shots, maybe like five or six of them."

Two of the men were brothers, according to reports. One brother is said to have gone inside of their home and retrieved a shotgun, which was later used to kill him.

"The girls were screaming, saying, 'My daddy has been shot,'" said a neighbor.

According to a family friend John Worst, "There were some problems earlier in the day with some family members."

The family said his 14-year-old daughter was standing next to Morris when he was shot.

The family said Morris' brother, Herbert, who was injured, is in stable condition and is expected to pull through.




  • Stacy Witt

    I agree with TREEBUG! Keep your rude comments to yourself. Chris was an amazing person with the biggest heart. No matter what the cause, no family, especially a child, should have to go through what this family has endured. RIP Kissyfer Robin…you’ll forever be missed and always in our heart. Prayers for the family, especially his daughter and mom. Love you guys.

  • Marye

    WOW some people are so inconsiderate this was my cousins father that was taken away and a child has lost her father!!! Please leave all the negative comments to yourself! Sorry for yalls loss love yall!!

  • Wendy

    I have known this family for 20 years all rude comments are unnecessary…Christopher was a good man and an exceptional father…RIP my Christopher Robin…Winnie Pooh will always miss and love u

  • meli

    Have they cought the young adult who did this . Im hearing all kinds of things on what really happened im so sorry for the child who lost her father the way she did no kid should indure nothing like this . My prayers are with this family . But my prayers are with the family whos child did this to another human being this was a bad sercumstance for everybody who was involved .. agien sorry

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