Investigation Underway After Two Found Dead In Sallisaw Home

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SALLISAW (KFSM) - An investigation is underway after two people were found dead inside a Sallisaw home Sunday night (Sept. 28).

Authorities said someone called around 7:05 p.m., asking if officers could do a welfare check on the people living inside a home on Maple Street. When officers arrived on scene, they said they found both people dead inside.

The bodies were identified as 47-year-old Vince Rayner and 34-year-old Katie Waggle-Goodman according to the Sallisaw Police Department.

Detectives with the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation were on scene for several hours overnight. They're working with Sallisaw Police in this investigation.

The cause of death is still under investigation.




    How do you know it was a double murder? It could have been anything under the sun from carbon monoxide poisoning to suicide. You have no idea what it was because all the article said was they found 2 bodies. Please stop speculating and let the police bring you the details when they feel it’s the right time to do so.

  • Ben Dover

    Seriously??? MOST 30-40 year olds don’t die unless through foul play. I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention. Such a shame since those are young people.

  • Cathy morgan

    I am Katie’s mother I was not notified till Monday at 4:58pm by phone. All her family lives in Searcy AR. I still don’t know what happened to my baby girl please someone tell me!!!!

    • Walter

      Toxicology results can take anywhere between 4-16 weeks depending on the workload and this definitely to be rushed. Be patient and let them do their job. Some results have to be retested a second time when something comes back suspicious for foul play as it appears in this case. Hope that helps.

  • Stacy hinkle

    Cathy please look me up on fb. I did know your daughter.I am so sorry for your loss, she was a very sweet girl. I’d love to talk to you!

    • Cathy Porter Morgan

      To many people with your name on FB would you please find me Cathy Porter Morgan thank you please talk to me!!

  • brittany

    I find it crazy that it’s taken this long to find anything out. Vince’s daughter Reannon had been trying to find out about the cause of his death for several days now. They need to get a move on it!!

  • Stacy

    I totally agree with the first comment this was a double homicide. No noise heard as reported in a small duplex house with neighbors or the surrounding neighbors is beyond bizarre for this. Makes no logical sense. Evidence found at the crime scene could have very well been planted also.

  • Ryan

    For it to have been a suicide as the cause of death that would have been released a long time ago by the medical examiner. Foul play indeed.

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