Chicken Truck Collides With Semi In 7-Car Wreck On I-49

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) – Two truck drivers were injured in a seven-vehicle wreck on Interstate 49 in Bella Vista early Monday afternoon, according to Arkansas State Police.

The crash blocked northbound traffic on the interstate after a chicken truck rear-ended a semi truck carrying non-consumable goods, state police said.

Police said both truck drivers suffered injuries and were hospitalized at Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville. Dale Pitts, 57, was driving a truck hauling frozen chicken parts, while Timothy Ryals, 52, was driving the truck that was rear-ended.

The wreck caused significant damage to both trucks and stopped traffic for six miles leading up to the crash.

Five other vehicles were also involved in the crash, as all of the vehicles were lined up and stopped on I-49 near McNeilly Road just before the collision caused a chain-reaction. The other vehicles in the wreck include a Volkswagon Beetle, Honda Accord, Saturn Vue, Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Impala. None of the other drivers were hospitalized, according to a state police crash report.


  • Woody

    I-49? I-49 does not run thru Bella Vista.. There is no I-49 from just south of B V to south of Pineville, MO. just Highway 71. Is it too much to ask to have correct information in a story?

      • Ozark Trail

        49 ends at Bus 71 north of Bentonville. Beyond there, it’s US 71 because the road isn’t up to Interstate standards, which would likely have prevented this accident.
        BTW: 540 in Fort Smith, won’t change to 49: a new road is being built, if Congress will fund it instead of giving the money to the wealthy oligarchs.

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