Bikes, Blues & BBQ Arrests Total 31, Most Local Residents

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Bikes, Blues & BBQ wrapped up in the early morning hours of Sunday (Sept. 28), and The Fayetteville Police Department later released the total crime statistics from the rally, authorities say.

In total, 31 arrests were made inside of the Dickson Street event area, and of those 31 arrests, 23 were local residents, according to police.

The majority of the people arrested faced charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct, police said.

A total of 16 citations were issued to 11 people inside the Dickson Street event area. One citation was for drinking in public, and the other were all traffic-related citations, according to police.

Five citations were issued for violation of the Fayetteville noise ordinance (engine revving), police said.

The Fayetteville Police Department responded to eight reports of accidents in Fayetteville involving motorcycles during the event, but there were no fatalities in those eight accidents, according to police.

Two reports of stolen motorcycles were filed with authorities during the event. One motorcycle was taken from just north of Dickson Street event area, and one was taken from southeast Fayetteville, police said.


  • Sean

    Common sense dictates you suspend the noise ordinance during this event. FPD sense dictates you take advantage and bilk people that were invited to show off.

    • Juris Esq.

      I am so do glad that they have out citations for engine reving. There is no reason for it whatsoever! Other than just to make noise! They would give out the exact same tickets to people that are playing their stereos too loud so why should they treat these jerks any different? “Ooooh look at me…. My bike is LOUD! ! Aren’t you impressed?” No, actually we’re not. Yes we realize you like your loud engine….Now please use that loud engine to take yourself somewhere else besides acting like a juvenile and hurting people’s ears.

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