Deadline For Student Immunizations Nears

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) - The deadline for students in Arkansas to have their required immunizations is drawing near.

All students must have all of the required immunizations by October 1. Students will be able to receive their vaccinations from a local health department or at their doctor's office.

According to school officials, if students do not get their required immunization in time, they could be suspended. But the state has allowed some flexibility in case of a shortage of vaccines.

"The state has been very clear that students should not attend school unless they have a scheduled appointment," said Suzy Wilson, Assistant Superintendent for Greenwood Schools, " Because it's been so hard to get the kids in for appointments, they have backed off and said they understand that you may not have the immunization by October first, but you have to have an appointment."

Parents are allowed to refuse to get their child vaccinated, but they need approval from the state to do so. Parents will then have to show the approval to school officials prior to the deadline.