President Bill Clinton Leads 2 Campaign Rallies In Northwest Arkansas

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM)- President Bill Clinton attended campaign rallies in Fayetteville and Rogers on Tuesday (Oct. 7).

Clinton attended a rally at the Union Plaza on the University of Arkansas campus Tuesday morning. After getting lunch at Hugo's restaurant in Fayetteville, Clinton attended a second rally in Rogers at the John Q. Hammons Center.

The president also attended rallies in Conway and Jonesboro on Monday (Oct. 6).

"Can we run anything all by ourselves?" Clinton said. "The banks, the economy, the police force, the military---is there anything we can do all by ourselves? No. But together, we can do anything."

The rallies are part of a four-city campaign swing by the president to show support for democrats throughout Arkansas.

"These elections that occur when there's no candidate for president on the ballot are every bit as  important to your future as the elections when there is a presidential candidate on the ballot," Clinton said.

Two high-profile races, one for a U.S. Senate seat and the other for an open governor's seat, have put Arkansas in the national spotlight.

The Senate race pits the Democratic incumbent, Mark Pryor, against U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)

"Arkansas comes first," Pryor said. "This is what I mean right here. The people in this room, you are Arkansas. You come first to me."

The race to replace term-limited Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe features Democrat Mike Ross against Republican Asa Hutchinson.

"We are going to build on what Gov. Beebe has started," Ross said. "We are not going to turn the clock back. We are going to build on what he started, and we are going to build a brighter future."

Clinton has endorsed Pryor and Ross in those contests and said Tuesday both men deserve to win their respective races.

"I know what works and what works is when we do it together," Clinton said. "Mark Pryor and Mike Ross are together politicians."

The president's most important message at both rallies in Northwest Arkansas was an encouragement to go out and vote, he said.

"You got more at stake in this election than people like me," Clinton said. "I have more yesterdays than tomorrows. You've got more tomorrows than yesterdays, and you better show up and protect your tomorrows."

Early voting begins Oct. 20. Election Day is Nov. 4.

Click here to see the Republican reaction to Clinton's visit.


  • Fire 'N Brimstone

    For all the kool-aid drinkers on the right, they can’t stand Bill Clinton. They are just jealous since their super hero, George Bush, ran our economy into the ground. While it’s true that he had a weakness for women, I’d gladly take that over some fella who got us into a unneeded quagmire war in Iraq and sent our economy into a tailspin.

    Compare the jobless rates for the last quarter of Bush vs our current controversial president. You’ll see that our economy is improving.

    • Arnold fudpucker

      Sorry but the kool-aid banner belongs to the libs. You see the kool-aid drinkers like you can’t see that obumma has been the one to run the economy in to the ground and is presently digging a deeper hole. You see the drinking of the kool-aid blinds one to the reality we are now facing. the destruction of our way of life is what obumma wants, you just can’t see the facts.

      • William Rocks

        One thing that can’t be denied is that, after 8 years of having Republicans like George Bush in office, our economy was a one stop trip to hell. Why would any smart person do something as crazy as voting republican, again?

        Despite the Republicans shutting down the government, not passing anything and making the last few sessions be the most do-nothing congress in history, AND even causing the United States to default, our economy has rebounded under Obama. We have more jobs today than when Obama took over the (then) sinking ship of America from Bush.

        Admit it, Republicans. You know *NOTHING* about how to run an economy, unlike former president Clinton or our current President. Just keep talking about Bengazzi.

  • Sean

    Like him or love him, he’s the best Arkansas ever had to offer, and you know what…it was pretty da#n good. Welcome back Bill, I missed ya.

    • William Rocks

      Zero. It’s far easier to count how many of our troops courageously sacrificed their lives to follow their Commander and Chief, Bush. It’s of public record.

      The shame is that Iraq was a lie and was avoidable. Frontline (tv special) even helped to uncover this fact.

      • K

        William… Just to name a few- James McDougal, Mary Hahoney, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, C Victor Raiser, Paul Tulley, Ed Willey, Jerry Parks, James Bunch, James Wilson, Kathy Ferguson, Bill Shelton….
        Awaiting your response !!!!

    • William Rocks

      Elphud, hating America benefits nobody, except Republicans.

      Admit it, republicans like Steevie Womuk or boozeman clown are the reason why our economy hasn’t rebounded quicker.

      You cannot deny that, under Obama, our economy has improved. (More jobs/less on unemployment/private spending is up). Fear mongering just shows your weakness.

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