Body Of Missing Realtor Found in Shallow Grave, Suspect Charged

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) -  The body of a central Arkansas realtor who went missing after showing a home Thursday (Sept. 25) has been found, and the suspect in the case has been charged.

Beverly Carter's body was found early Tuesday morning (Sept. 30) in a shallow grave, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department.

As of 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, 33-year-old Arron Lewis was officially charged with capital murder. He was initially booked on a kidnapping charge and a parole hold for the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Lewis was also charged with robbery and four counts of possession of firearms by certain persons.

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  • Marie

    Mark Pryor , this is The Real War on Women. Some how wearing a ‘ Pink’ t. -shirt is all well and good. Campaigning to give women 50 cents an hour more in pay, somehow pales in comparison, to the attacks on women by Convicted Criminals who are free due to a Liberal Justice system.

  • Horace

    I guess our justice system is “liberal” because we don’t execute thieves? I’m sure republicans are all for spending on more prisons to lock up and keep the bad apples before they become murderers. Turning this into a political statement sounds like something channel five’s resident poltergeist would do.

  • Marie

    Horace, it’s the Democrat Platform, that is constantly declaring that they are Championing the ‘War on Women’. Too many wome Are Dying. That needs to addressed.

    • ouija147

      Marie, it is prison overcrowding that is setting criminals free

      Why are the prisons overflowing?

      One reason is too many non-violent drug offenders are serving long terms because of mandatory minimums

      Wow, yet another reason (person) vindicating my decision to leave the republican party.

      The once Grand Ole Party is nothing but Keystone Cops.

  • Guy Shea

    I’m sick of people finding a way to make everything political these days, Pryor has nothing to do with what happened to this poor woman, idiots.

    • Hayden

      Amen!!! Enough is enough with mixing politics with tragedy. How sad of a society have we become where are hearts are blackened and our tongues only spew out partisan hate.

      This poor Woman’s friends, family, and loved ones need prayers. This entire World does.

    • unbelievable

      AMEN!!!! I’m ashamed to claim either party. This has nothing to do with politics so why don’t you all just shutup instead of running your ignorant mouths!!!!!! This is a perfect example of how you never know who is capable of murder. Not all thieves turn into murderers. There is no way the justice system could have seen this coming. Right now all that matters is that her family be in everyone’s prayers.

    • Arkajun

      Listening to too many tv ads.
      This law spends $660 million, much of which goes to fund liberal organizations to carry out an ideological agenda without effective results in reducing violence against women.
      This law is poorly and too broadly written. It unconstitutionally surrenders the rights of Americans who are not Native Americans to racially exclusive tribal courts, potentially violating the 4th Amendment Constitutional rights of American citizens to due process.
      Government has a duty to protect its citizens from violence – especially women. However, good intentions won’t protect anyone, and good intentions do not necessarily make good laws. We must demand tough criminal prosecution against violent offenders as well as smart policies that address the root causes of domestic violence (out-of-control anger, drug & alcohol abuse, etc.), reduce duplicative programs, and properly equip state and local governments to best fight violent crimes.

      • JW

        I don’t even watch TV, much less ads. Regardless of what you think of the Act, it’s an attempt at something. Cotton opposes abortion rights, equal pay for women, marriage equality and women in combat. The issue Marie brought up was that “the Democrat (sic) party” and Pryor were at fault because of a “liberal justice system”, but if you look at it the Dems are the ones who have worked for increasing harsh penalties for abusing women. Now you can disagree with that, or call it unconstitutional or whatever, but they came up with this stuff, and the Republicans put forward nothing. Go read what Cotton wrote in 1997 about women. “Feminists say no fault divorce was a large hurdle on the path to female liberation,” Cotton wrote. “They apparently don’t consult the deepest hopes or greatest fears of young women.” “If men have easy access to divorce, many will choose it thoughtlessly,” he wrote. “They may not gain true happiness with their new trophy wives, but they certainly will not slide into the material indigence and emotional misery that awaits most divorced women.” Material indigence? Emotional Misery? Does this sound like a guy who understands women at all?

  • Marie

    Well the Democrats are very good at ‘Acts’ of voting for Things. It just a shame that Their Actions don’t have any Results in protecting women and children from abuse and death.

  • Elaphas

    Condolences to this poor woman’s family. Injecting politics into this story is not appropriate. Show some respect and take the “discussion” somewhere else.

  • Richard S. Drake

    I’m not sure I understand. Is “Marie” against he Violence Against Women Act?
    Since this guy hadn’t killed anyone before, how could a conservative have defended her any better?
    Well, at least she hasn’t worked herself up to blaming Obama . . . yet.

  • Mrs Anthony Jones

    To this day I worry about my daughters ex…..a slap on the wrist and he is still able to harass her on the outside of the law….and he was convicted of several crimes…..criminals need to go to prison not be out to repeat offenses or escalate and get worse until they finally murder someone….

  • CaroleMc

    Realtors need to take precautions which will probably cost all of us in the long run. It’s a very competitive business and I know they are anxious for a sale but it should be required that buyers provide in advance some sort of ID or visit the office prior to any showing.

  • Poot

    This guy is an evil psychotic opportunist criminal. Liberal/Conservative ideological agendas has nothing to do with his crimes he is accused of committed or has done in the past. A psycho manic probably doesn’t even know the difference or care about liberal or conservative agendas. He just wants to satisfy his own twisted agendas against law abiding unsuspecting innocent victims.He has no respect for the law, his own life or others. it is time for so called conservatives/liberals to work together to ensure adequate and quick prosecution is served for these type criminals. Our justice system owes this to the victims and the families that has endured the pain he has caused by this heinous crime against humanity.

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