Deadline For Students Immunizations On Wednesday

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The deadline for Arkansas students to get newly required shots is approaching. As school gets underway, students have a new deadline to meet by Wednesday (Oct.1). All students must get a vaccine to be able to attend school.

Kids at Arkansas schools, from kindergarten through high school, are required to get this shots. Parents need to take their kids to a local health department or doctor's office by October 1st. If students don't get their required vaccine in time, school officials said they could be suspended.

In the meantime, kids would have to stay home until they recieve the shot or at least have an appointment made.

Darian Layes, Director of Student Services said parents need to realize that time is running out. " They need to know that time is short,"said Layes. " The law is to have an appointment or get the shot and bring us the documentation of either of those two things."

Layes said by law, students need to have the vaccine by the deadline. "The process means you have either started in the procedure by having gotten one of the series of two shots," said Layes. "If you have an appointment then we consider you in the process."

According to Layes, it doesn't matter when the appointment is made for it just needs to be scheduled by October 1st.

Parents can refuse to get their child the vaccine. But they must get approval from the state and show it to school officials prior to Wednesday's deadline.



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