Fewer Firefighters At Fort Smith Airport

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-Fort Smith flyers are about to see a slash in fire protection at the Fort Smith regional airport.

Just two people will now provide fire protection at the airport according to airport officials.

This comes after a mission change with the 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith.

It was Chris Anders last day to suit up in Fort Smith for the airport fire crew of the 188th Fighter Wing Tuesday (Sept. 30) .

“I`ve been here since 03,” Anders said. "I`ve been here 12 years almost.”

It’s been Anders and several others job to keep Fort Smith airport goers safe in case of an emergency.

“On June 7th we divested our two last A-10`s which meant we no longer had aircraft on the ramp. So there was no longer a need for full time fire protection,” Maj. Heath Allen 188th Executive Officer said.

Airport directors said one fire fighter and one supervisor from Pro-Tec Fire services will remain at the airport.

“I think this is a pretty good sized airport," said Bob Walden.

Walden is a frequent flyer at Fort Smith Regional.

"They would need more than that," Walden said.

Officials with the Fort Smith Fire Department said the cut meets regulations.

“They are up to policy and code so they are good to go," Fire Chief Skip Mathews said. “By no means are they going to be without help. We are here to help them."

According to the Fort Smith Fire Department a new crew is set to start Wednesday (Oct. 1).

Airport officials said the contract with Pro-Tec fire lasts through December 2016.


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