Hutchinson And Ross Meet In Bentonville For Debate

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) - Gubernatorial candidates Asa Hutchinson and Mike Ross met in a debate in Bentonville Tuesday (Sept. 30.)

The debate was held at Bentonville High School.

“Hopefully there will be students here, that it will encourage them to participate in the politics of America,” said Hutchinson, the Republican candidate.

The debate platform allowed citizens to text in questions for the two candidates to debate on.

“I think it is great. People who are unable to attend, they can text or tweet in their questions,” said Ross, the Democrat candidate.

“I think it is great, because there is instantaneous feedback,” Hutchinson said.

Many of the questions during the debate were centered around education reform within the state of Arkansas.

Ross said his plan starts with early education.

“I think it really starts with education, I got a Pre-K plan,” Ross said.

Hutchinson also took a stance on developing early education with computer sciences.

“Career education, and computer science, in every high school is the right direction for Arkansas, and Northwest Arkansas, to continue our growth,” Hutchinson said.

The discussion of education in Arkansas, later, led into how education can impact jobs in The Natural State, especially in the future.

“We have a dynamic, and growing, economy in Northwest Arkansas. But, you can’t take it for granted,” Hutchinson said. “Superior Industries just consolidated, and now we have 500 fewer employees.”

The Ross campaign also voiced their options for job development.

“[The plan] helps provide our state an educated, trained, skilled workforce. We need more, and better, paying jobs to our state,” Ross said.

In interviews with 5NEWS, and during the debate, both candidates agreed that there are several differences between the two platforms.

Ross said debates like this offer the public a chance to get to know both candidates.

“Hopefully this is an opportunity for people to hear my story,” Ross said.

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