Teen Crashes Into House and Two Cars

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LOWELL (KFSM)- A 13-year old boy was taken to the hospital after crashing his family’s car into his neighbor’s house and into a TK Martial Arts Academy’s mailbox, according to Lt. Paul Pilaro. His ride ended when drove into oncoming traffic and crashed into two cars that were stopped at a red light, Pilaro said.

The first accident happened on South Michael Street. The second happened at Bloomington Street and Monroe Avenue in Lowell at 7:45 a.m.

Lt. Pilaro said the teen’s injuries are unknown. He said the driver of another car complained of neck pain but didn’t want to be taken to the hospital.



    • Kristen

      Just a fyi Judy!…he has amazing parents who do everything they possibly can for him! Obviously you shouldn’t judge because you have no idea what you are talking about! He is an Autistic child! So unless you know they challenges you should keep your comments to yourself!

      • Sarah 300

        Take a chill Kristin. The child could have hit a child and killed them, or anyone. The parents should have had the keys hidden or in their possession every moment. Safety is job one with any teenager, autistic or otherwise.

      • judy

        no question that his parents are amazing…all the more reason for them to keep tight reins on the special need child that could put other special amazing people at risk if their son is left unmonitored. that’s all

    • Cari Taylor

      This was my autistic son. I do everything in my power to keep him safe. We keep everything under lock and key, but although he is autistic, he is very, very intelligent and got by my best efforts… Do you not think I realize how badly this could have turned out?? I am only human and totally exhausted and doing the best I can. You should know the facts before you run your mouth.
      My husband and I will be footing the bill not you. Luckily the people involved were more compassionate than you.

      • Kristen

        They want to point out the obvious and think they sound smart. When in fact they have no clue what you guys do and how great you guys do it. You can’t predict his next move or trick up his sleeve bc he does not and can not communicate it! He is extremely smart and staying one step ahead of him is harder than people think! But they would have no clue bc they are not in your shoes. So for people to be flapping their jaws to make them feel educated is completely idiotic, delusional, and ignorant!

      • Sarah 300

        Cari Taylor: I am sorry your son is autistic, happy he is high intellect, but safety is everything.
        Disconnect the battery wires every night on the car, put alarms on each and every interior door and exterior door. Your precious child will require more care at 17 or 18, imagine his genius then? Have a physician familiar with your situation come into your home and identify any problem areas.
        There is no doubt you love your son, but there is no doubt others love their children just as much. Don’t be so sensitive to media accounts. They have a job and people are going to comment.
        Again, sorry about your son but there is help out there.

      • Jamie

        I wish the news people would help educate the public by stating the facts! How better to bring light to the struggles parents with autistic children face than to report the whole situation!!!

      • judy

        jamie: the news people have already stated the facts & events. when you see a red stop light, you stop. if a vehicle hits you broadside running a light, hopefully no one is injured, no matter how caring the parents or significant other is of the driver at fault. the job of the news reporting media is to report events, not how caring or fuzzy wuzzy the circumstances were behind the scene. life is real, we make adjustments. live with it, deal with it, or stand aside in an open public forum.

  • Hilary Hutchison

    Well maybe his wife or someone took him to the hosptial. Maybe he didnt want to be taken by an ambulance.

  • Old friend

    Knowing this family personally, I don’t have to speculate. This young man, although he has special needs, is incredibly intelligent in ways that none of us are. His mother has devoted her life and sacrificed in ways that nobody knows in order to make certain that he is safe and well taken care of. We all lose our keys, phones, and have absent moments. This poor family has to carry keys to allow themselves to LEAVE their house, much less enter. You’ve no idea the amount of focus and attention to detail their home requires.

    Yes, it is an unfortunate situation. Yes, it could have turned out very poorly. But judgement doesn’t need to be passed, especially by those who have no understanding of what this young man’s life is like.

    Best of luck to you Cari. I hope you and the boys are well.

  • friend

    Hey Judy and Sara… do you know what they do to keep him safe? Do you know how well he really is monitored? Hmm I’m sure the answer is no to those 2 questions. So until you are with them and in their house, Shut your pie hole. Because you honestly have no idea about the level of commitment this family has made to protecting not only their son but others. You have no clue of the sleepless nights or struggles. You know nothing. Stop making suggestions about how to be a better parent to a disabled child until you know what it takes to take care of one. Neither of your statements were helpful nor were they educated. Keep your unintelligent comments to your selves.
    Maybe you should spend the night with him for a couple of days and see how well your great parenting skills play out!

    • judy

      friend. you are right. no one knows the struggle another person knows in this life. but that does not justify any unfortunate consequence however innocent we may have inflicting injury on another person in an accident.. that’s all. and the job of the media is to report events & facts, not to provide a detailed emotional account behind the scenes. that would be the job of the court, whatever, should it go that far….. so let’s stop whining and be thankful no one was hurt

      • Kevin

        Justify would mean this was intentional. It was not on the parents side or the boys side. Having to deal with something similar to this in my own family, I can tell you do not understand at all. I would call it wise for you to just to be quiet from here on out. This family is dealing with enough and should not have to hear from strangers who are not familiar with their situation tell them how they should be parenting. Let’s hope you are never faced with a public situation like this so you don’t have to hear us tell you how you “should have” done something different. For the love of all things decent in this world, please stop.

  • B

    clearly you haveno idea what this woman goes through on a daily basis i couldnt imagine having to do all she does and still hold myself together her son that passed was a dear friend to me for years and i loved that kid and his family and since i can remember this now teenage boycould out smart just about anything even at the young age of four or five so you need to know your facts before you go running your mouth

  • Rick

    I can’t believe all the childish replies on here. How many of you perfect people hide your keys from your child. They don’t have to be autistic to steal your car and take off with it. I could drive a truck on the farm at the age of 12. I could have taken the keys and drove any car down the road. I don’t believe that even one of you that point fingers hides keys from your kids. So stop telling people “I’m better than you” and go bully someone else.

  • Joyce White

    I have known the whole family for 35 years Jessie and what you said was uncalled for. Cari did not give her son Cancer. As for what happen yesterday I agree with Rick and some people that have been flagged.. Cari loves all her kids. As for Cari going out her son is with his Grandmother and Grandfather. They want him there just has I love to have my grandkids on weekends. Cari’s kids are safe when she goes out and I can’t think of anyone that needs some free time more. God Bless you because you will need it when you lose someone that you love.. I really don’t think your name is Jessie but if it works for it works for me.

  • taylor

    Praise the good Lord for people who stick up for what is right. Shame on all of you for your judgemental and ignorant statements regarding this situation.

  • Lana

    I have got to say, Channel 5 reports a story without even adding all the info, Well done KFSM, Well done. Almost as much of idiot’s as some of these posting! Jessie (and whoever else you are posting as) You have got to be the most Asinine person I have ever seen troll these page’s. I hope that you are NEVER blessed with such a special child as Cari and her family have been.. I have known this family ALL my life and although not perfect,Noone is, Cari does one thing I have ALWAYS myself admired. She has loved and taken care of a child that sadly, for a lot don’t have that. Do you know what is is to be an Autistic child’s parent? Oh wait you don’t have that privilege, So you have no right to open that thing that only spews hate! I hope you thank god everyday for making you so perfect, or should I say for making you think you are so perfect… Now go take care of an Autistic child and let’s just see how perfect you are. And if we happen to be friends on facebook, I hope you delete yourself from my page, because I don’t want to be friends with insensitive trash like you…..

  • Mindy looks 4 Jessie libel

    A libel is a malicious, false statement in written media, a broadcast, or otherwise published words.

    Someone had better back up the BS. Thats a Lawsuit. Lawyers will find you.

  • Jessie libel

    Libel is A sueable offense. If you’d like to apologize now is the time. Otherwise Moving forward.

  • con

    the child needs parents that watches him.hidr the keys.how many times has he got out.he could have been killed.or killed someone else.i havr an autistic daughter i havr my eyes on her always.it would kill me if she was killed.our keys r always from her.her safety and others comes before me.

  • con

    where r u friends at when they. need u..this is something i live with het everyday i know where she is at all times.i have lots of friends that have autistic cchildren.single parents they still keep an eye on them.my husband died with cancer.its about keeping an eye on her.im not losing her.because thr keys were not put up.she got out one time scared mr so bad.never again.so to the poor mom keep an eyr on him.god gave him to u.they r gifts.my kids r all gifts.

    • Cari Taylor

      So your eyes are on her when you SLEEP??? Really?? A parent of an autistic child should be the LAST one to criticize… He is very well supervised. I do, though occasionally require sleep and I do hide my keys… He won this time. I pray this never happens to your child, but if it does, I hope people show you compassion and understanding instead of judgment.
      And why are all of you judgmental people scared to use your real name?? This is all targeted at me and I sure am not hiding. I am PROUD of the way my family takes care of and sacrifices for Devon. We aren’t perfect, and neither are you.

  • Carmen Peace

    First of all Cari I Love You ! You are a Wonderful Mother! Your family and close friends know how much you’ve sacrificed, and that you’d give your own life to save one of your children. I have the up most respect and admiration for you, because like some of us who work 9-5 your on the job 24-7. You do it with pride and love. God Bless you and your beautiful family! Love you lady!
    To the cowards and ignorant soulless others who have beeln so cruel and unkind~Do not judge unless ye be judged.

  • Carmen Peace

    First of all Cari I Love You ! You are a Wonderful Mother! Your family and close friends know how much you’ve sacrificed, and that you’d give your own life to save one of your children. I have the up most respect and admiration for you, because like some of us who work 9-5 your on the job 24-7. You do it with pride and love. God Bless you and your beautiful family! Love you lady!
    To the cowards and ignorant soulless others who have been so cruel and unkind~Do not judge unless ye be judged.

  • con

    u r so quick to judge bad things said to this.my name is connie.u seem to strike back at other special needs parents.i just said as a parent of a special needs child we r more to care love them and watch.when she got out i did not blame no one but my self.it was me not her fault.god choose me to watch take care of her.yes it does wear me out.she is worth it.my husband passed away with cancer a preacher.i take my daughter everywhere.church mall and to outings.she gets out a lot.my prayers r with u

  • Irene Clark

    I have spent many hours inside this home with this family. I, too, am a parent if children with special needs and know that wagging tongues are a sad thing but so real. Nagging tongues are those who have nothing better to do than add comments with no knowledge from which they speak.
    This family has done a superb job of protecting their son and family and being fabulous members of our community. They are a team and do tremendous things and are tremendous parents. For those who speak out of turn may they never know the fear Cari lived with for that short time which felt like an eternity. May the negative people be blessed and shut up. Keep doing the great job you are doing Cari and family. May none of us experience an ACCIDENT as this family has.
    Be well and God bless!

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