Arkansas Focusing on Closing Games During Bye Week

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - They are still winless in theSEC after an overtime loss against Texas A&M, a game that could have possibly gone the other way for the Arkansas football team. This team says both their losses this year have come down to one thing, playing hard all four quarters.

“As you could see on the film, we kind of shut down in the fourth quarter a few times,” linebacker Martrell Spaight said. “We let it slip behind us. So, our main emphasis has been going against the offense and making sure we stay mentally locked in, and making sure we have all our details right and correct.”

The second half was their biggest issue against Auburn. If this team wants to keep up their winning momentum they've gained, it's going to have to be through an entire game.

“Just concentration throughout the whole game,” tight end AJ Derby said. “We have a lot of young players playing. They're not used to a long game, stuff like that. But I think this week we're really concentrating on being perfect in practices, and I think it's going to help us in the long run.”

But why have they not been able to push through all four quarters in these conference games?

“It wasn't be being tired, or anybody being tired,” safety Rohan Gaines said. “We just lost focus. You know our eyes in the wrong spot. I know my eyes were specifically in the wrong spot, and I just got to get better at that.”

Something they say all starts in practice.