Arkansas Schools Contact Parents About Required Immunizations

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - School districts across the state are working to follow a new state law, one that requires all students to receive certain vaccinations. 

Wednesday (Oct. 1) was the deadline for students in Arkansas to receive several immunizations, including flu shots and chicken pox vaccinations.

Fayetteville Schools is one of the many districts working to make sure all students have proper immunizations.

"About 91% of our students are in compliance," said Alan Wilbourn, spokesman for Fayetteville schools.

Fayetteville Schools sent out an automated call to parents of those students without the proper immunization.

"Our message tells parents ‘according to our records your child is missing one or more of the required immunizations. Please contact the school nurse in the morning, at this number, and let's discuss, and get this situation fixed as soon as possible’," Wilbourn said.

The Bentonville, Rogers, and Springdale school districts also told 5NEWS that they have their nurses calling parents as well.

Bentonville Schools tells 5NEWS that they have plans to defer students from class on Monday (Oct. 6) if they are not scheduled to have vaccinations.

The districts were all aware that there is a limited supply of vaccinations.

"Some of the vaccines are in short supply, and a lot of the clinics are overbooked," Wilbourn said.

"There was four or five kids in there, trying to get their immunization shots and they were having trouble because it was backed up," said Pam Kolb, a parent from Springdale who was at a local clinic. "If you have three or four kids, it's overwhelming to get them all at once.”

Therefore, districts like Springdale Schools, are staggering the deadline for immunizations.



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  • Faith

    I don’t know if KFSM is misinformed or what but for the sake of parents who do not want to immunize their children it is NOT required that they have to be. All you have to do is contact the birth reacords in Little Rock and they will mail or fax you a waiver for free. You will need one per child. Our sons attend school in the Springdale school system and we turned in their waivers yesterday. Dont feel like you have to comply because you dont.

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