Hot Springs Gun Range Declared “Muslim Free Zone”

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CNN – The owner of a Hot Springs shooting range has reportedly declared the business a “Muslim free zone.”

Jan Morgan, the owner of the shooting range, made the proclamation on her website — which has since been taken down.

In the statement, she lists reasons for banning Muslims from the gun cave indoor firing range in Hot Springs. She cites incidents like the Fort Hood shooting, 9/11 and the recent beheading of a woman at an Oklahoma workplace.

Local residents had mixed reactions.

“I could see her concerns about all that I’ve heard that’s going on and it is scary. It’s really scary. But also, as my friend said, you can’t judge one person because the other has done it,” said Brandi Shipman, a local resident who lives near the range.

“That’s just like saying how a lot of Christian people back during the crusades how a lot of people had killed people just for no reason – just in the name of God,” said Richard Laquerre, another resident who lives near the range.


  • The Libertarian

    Cowards often sccumb to tyranny by taking away other people’s liberties. This idiot undermines the very idea of gun ownership as a right to self defence. Nope, most Muslims do not support IslamoFascism, which is essentially an ideology that borrows from religion to support its intended state based tyranny. Naturally, if an IslamoFascist or Communist for that matter were to fancy an attack against my liberty, it would be lock and load, ending with a bullet riddled carcass.

    I refuse to live in fear and succumb to demands for the removal of other American’s right to life, liberty and the prusuit of happiness. Are people even remotely aware of the millions of Muslims outside of the US that support the war effort?

  • Paul

    Just so everyone knows, most Muslims do not adhere to the radical violent beliefs of some Muslims. The Muslims you see on the news beheading people and bombing businesses are a small group that believe in something different than most Muslims. The owner of this gun range has every right to refuse service to anyone but she should understand that not allowing Muslims at her business is the same if a business didn’t allow Christians in theirs because of the Oklahoma City bombing and the MANY bombings at abortion clinics, most Christians do not believe in such violence. This is the downfall of America, the prejudice and bigotry. All because these idiots watch the news and believe all Muslims are like that.

    • Larry

      OK, so Paul you want to stand next to a Muslim on the firing range, go ahead. Until I can tell a crazy jihadist Muslim from a not crazy Muslim, I vote to keep them out. They are even afraid to speak out for fear of being killed by other Muslims. And you folks that keep bringing up the crusades, that was 1200 ad and you probable don’t even know what they were all about. You had better start looking at the threat of today!

      • Paul

        I can’t tell the difference between a crazy jihadist Muslim and a “not crazy” (good description) Muslim the same way I can’t tell the difference between a extremist Christian and a regular Christian or the difference between a anti government far right wing person and a regular person. So just because a small minority is responsible for such extreme acts of violence we should just ban every single person who identifies themselves as a Muslim from entering any business. If thats the plan, then I don’t want any Christians in my business because they picket and protest at funerals of fallen soldiers. The threat of today are bigots and closed minded people who refuse to understand something but instead listen to the media without researching the facts for themselves. Those people are the true threat.

  • Sarah 300

    Paul I agree with you. Some commenters will never get past their discriminatory thinking.
    Look at the Boston Marathon. Those two guys did not stand out at all. Visually deciding what religion someone belongs to is ridiculous.

    • Paul

      No they won’t and thats true, they blended in like everyone else. I am Native American with a full beard and in the summer I will shave my head and keep the beard and there have been times when I was mistaken for a Muslim and on one occasion called a terrorist. So many people make decisions on other people based on looks, its extremely disappointing.

      • Iam anon

        Having a roll number doesn’t make you a “native american”. Let me guess; you have a roll number and are 1/128 indian and see yourself as the oppressed red man. Puleeese!

  • Justice

    Really! Comparing a beaheading by one of these “peaceful Muslims” last week to the crusades! Lol some people are so blind it’s scary. I know those of you who haven’t been to a Muslim country fighting these people can’t fathom this, but it’s much more than a small group- trust me. Or just read the Koran. You might be surprised at what their guidance is on “infidels” or as we call ourselves. Christians! Our Bible teaches faith hope and love, theirs teaches, turn them to Muslim or exterminate. If you think I’m radical, read it and report back.

  • Honey Badger

    An extreme muslim wants to behead an infidel. A moderate muslim wants an extremist muslim to behead an infidel. It’s in their doctrine people!! Wake up!!!

  • Richard S. Drake

    When I was growing up in the military in the early 1970s, we convinced ourselves that by the 21st Century, rancid bigotry would be a thing of the past . . . and yet here are all the gutless wonders who won’t use their real names spouting their bigotry for the whole world to see.
    Too bad we can’t have a “Racist Free Zone.”

    • Anne

      Bigotry exists in Arkansas. No doubt about it. Being a professional I see and hear comments from people who I would deem educated, but will make a highly inflammatory remark. I hope we have black presidents from now on so people will see equality rather than color.

  • Aaron

    This just in Gun Range in Hot Springs has slipping sales. Comes up with media PR blitz to increase revenue.

  • Aaron

    Is this gun range going ban Irish because the IRA does a lot of bombings. How about Christians because here in the usa most of the shootings, 99.9% , are done by them.

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