Realtor To Pursue Concealed Carry License After Carter Death

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- After Beverly Carter's body was found, a local gun instructor is holding a class for female realtors on how to protect themselves in a dangerous situation.

Carter was a central Arkansas realtor who went missing after showing a home Thursday (Sept. 25).

Charlotte King is a River Valley realtor with seven years of experience and has enrolled in a class to obtain a concealed carry license.

"I had been thinking about it for a long time before this ever happened," King said. "I've had two instances where I felt like I was in a very precarious situation that probably I shouldn't have put myself in."

King does not carry a gun.

The class is led by Carla Wells.

"When Beverly was kidnapped and killed then I thought that would be the time to talk to the local agents," Wells said.

Wells has been teaching for nearly five years. Her upcoming class is geared towards women.

Wells served in the military, but most importantly she said she wants female realtors to be protected.

"Women in general need to know how to clear the gun and fix any stoppages on their own and in a hurry,” Wells said. “Your life counts on it."

The class will add a sense of protection that's welcome for King's husband who is also a realtor with a concealed carry license.

"I want to be equipped and prepared and be ready," King said.

The class is being held on October 18th at the Marriott hotel in downtown Fort Smith.


  • Blake

    I took my concealed carry class at THOR gun range in Van Buren. It even came with a free range membership.

  • John

    Oh great! This King lady is going to take her 6 years of real-estate sales and carry a gun! That sounds like a good and safe idea. Yeah right! If you feel unsafe in your job, find employment elsewhere.

    • dakB

      in the world today we should all have a feeling of unsafety EVERYWHERE to some degree, enough so to carry a gun and have a chance to try and protect ourselves or those we love

  • Sarah 300

    A real estate agent, whether male or female, turns their back on a most pleasant client, to open a door or show the adjustable shelving in the walk-in closet, and the bad client is prepared. He knows what he has planned and he is prepared.
    A pistol will make no difference when approached from behind. The only reasonable plan is two agents to work together for safety sake.
    The sky is not falling. This is a one in a million incident. Two agents solve the problem.
    For you gun lovers, a gun is not the answer to every situation.
    Maybe in a break-in of your home, but female real estate agents are sweet, chatty individuals trying earn their money. I would not go look at a new home if I thought an agent was carrying a concealed weapon. Too many things could go wrong. Carry your cell phone with another agent listening and have a keyword you yell if there is a problem.

    • robert

      I have no problem with an agent carry a concealed weapon. Almost nothing can go wrong. You are better off having a gun and not needing it that needing a gun and not having it. According to the CDC report on guns ”crime victims who actively used a gun to defend themselves had lower rates of injury than crime victims who did not use guns to defend themselves”. Guns are not a guarantee you won’t be hurt but it is better than the 0% chance you have without one.

  • Phillip V.

    The folks at THOR in Van Buren took care of my Concealed carry, even showed me around the range! Very nice facilities and helpful staff!

  • Royce S

    A lot of women think their husband should carry a gun but never think about carrying one herself. Face it, a woman is much more likely to be attacked and therefor more likely to need self-defense. I paid for my daughter’s CHL for her 21st birthday. My wife also has a CHL. I love seeing a woman at the range. It lets me know that some of today’s women refuse to be willing and defenseless victims.
    Lt. Toon of Lavaca PD teaches a good course. He makes it fun and informative.

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