Springdale Dog’s Owner Pleads For Its Life

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) - A man in Springdale is going to court in hope of saving his dogs life.

This after his dog broke loose and bit a city employee.

“I’m missing my best friend,” said Jesus Marquez, the dog’s owner.

Marquez says his dog, Poseidon, broke loose while he was on vacation.

Poseidon, a Siberian Husky, and his female partner Storm, broke out of the family’s fenced yard in July.

An animal control worker attempted to catch the two stray dogs.

“My dog kind of got scared, either for him, or our female, and he ended up jumping up,” Marquez said.

Poseidon had bit the worker on the lip, an offense which is punishable by the city.

“Any animal that has bitten, or attempted to bite, a person or domestic animal can be issued a ticket for running at large,” said Courtney Kremer, Director of Animal Services in Springdale. “Dogs are usually the most common offenders.”

Poseidon was taken to the Springdale Animal Shelter, where he remains.

“We hold them until the court determines what to do with them,” Kremer said.

Marquez says he wants his dog back.

“It’s been two months now,” Marquez said. “Every day that he is there, I am charged $20.”

Marquez believes that Poseidon was simply defending Storm.

“I take him everywhere with me. He has never had a problem with nobody,” Marquez said.

Poseidon faces possible banishment from city limits, or even euthanization.

Marquez is represented by Chad Atwell. Atwell says he plans to file a civil lawsuit against the City of Springdale.

"I plan to file a motion challenging the constitutionality of the ordinance in question," Atwell said. "The government cannot just take someone's property without due process."

“Worst case scenario is that they are going to put him down,” Marquez said. “He’s not just my best friend, he is like my son, you know? And, it would be hard.”

Marquez says that his other dog, Storm, is impacted by the dog being held at the shelter as well.

“She still howls every single night because she has had him every single day of her life, and they have never been apart,” Marquez said.

Shelter officials say that not all dogs that are charged are vicious. They say it depends on each individual animal’s personality.

Marquez says his dog isn’t vicious, and that he can tell by the way Poseidon reacts when he visits him in the shelter.

“I’ve never had someone make me feel like they miss me that much,” Marquez said. “Every single time he sees me, he runs circles and he jumps on me, licking me all over, he makes me feel nice whenever I see him.”

Marquez's lawyer agrees.

"[Poseidon] is a sweet dog, and I plan on doing everything I can to make sure he stays alive," Atwell said.


    • Mar Mar

      The thought that the city would euthenize him is hipocritical of the city. They advertise so much about dogs needing to be adopted. They should understand that, sometimes, dogs just get loose with no bad intentions, the people call animal CONTROL! that scares them so they get on defense mode, so if an animal control person, (city woker) gets bit on the nose, that is just bad luck. Because Animal Control AND City Wokres are supposed to be trained on how to approach the dogs! Dogs are not trained to not defend themselves!
      . Now, you want to euthenize an animal/dog for protecting him/herself? ridiculouse. Animal control are trained to get dogs off the street. Dogs are not trained to let themselves be taken by just anyone!

    • Laura

      You need to look into the city ordinances bc my dog got taken away for biting a neighbors lawn mow tire and they wanted to deem him dangerous but it was siloam and the had a 7 day limit until it went to trial. I would look it to that and get it on the docket now bc now it just seems like they are keepi g it that ling for the money. And demand pictures and prove it was your dog that bit him and that he was actually bitten. There are some mean and hateful animal control officers out there. I know my pit has dealt with some. Will be praying for you bc I have been through it twice simple bc they have labeled pit bulls dangerous instead of protective. At this point you will need an attorney and lots of witnesses of his character.

  • Tonya Rash

    Thats just sad. of course a dog is going to fight back if someone is trying to hurt him, he was scared and needs to be home with his family. The city worker is just mad that the poor doggy got a hold of him and is punishing the dog. It revenge plain and simple. SEND THE PUPPY HOME

  • Mel

    The dog was frighten – not aggressive. There is a difference. It does not sound like it was an unprovoked attack. They should ticket the owner, but I do not think the owner should be punished unduly because the justice system is clogged and sluggish. They should give the dog back after a 10 day quarantine. It seems as if the new laws that were inacted to protect people from vicious animals is complicating a very simple, straightforward situation of a frighten dog and an uneducated animal control employee.

  • Jon

    If the dog has not shown any aggression he should be returned to the owner if he pays fees reasonable and any city fines. Has the owner bought all the food and supplies the dog needed for the stay in the confinement? If he has then the city should not look at this as a money making venture. RETURN the dog!

  • Jeremy

    Let him have his dog back people.
    Chase me around with a stick and see what happens.
    No sense left in our government anymore.

  • Mel

    To Katherine:
    Your version of events does not match the information provided in the article. The article says the “dog bit” his lip. It did not say the dog bit his lip off. It does not use the word attack any where in the story. I used the word uneducated because a frightened, nonagressive dog might snap or bite and then try to run away – not attack. Your issue should not be with my comments because my comments were based on the information from the story. If your version is true, your issue should be with the name in the byline.

    • Katherine

      I never said it bit his lip off. All I said was it bit his face. Your comments are not the only ones I have a problem with. I have a huge problem with people who think they know the whole story and they don’t. My other problem is that most of the people making these comments would not have said them or even felt bad for this dog if it was a pit bull. I have heard of many dogs, pit bulls or otherwise, who have been put to sleep for less.

      • Meanwhile

        I would feel bad if it had a pit bull. Your argument is invalid.

        It’s not a “good” thing that happened to your boyfriend. However, people are right – threaten me and I’ll fight back to defend myself. Dogs should have that right too. To keep a dog away from his/her owner or, worse, put a dog down because of an isolated incident is a shameful act by anyone or any city. I applaud this owner, though, as he shows his constraint. I’d have probably been in jail a long time ago.

      • larz

        Katherine, Lots of questions need to be answered on this deal, but you are so bias it wouldn’t do any good to try to get the truth out of you. I will ask some questions that will avoid you bias, how long has your friend been a ACO ?
        What did he do before he was a ACO ?
        Does he own any dogs ?
        What is your friends training as a ACO ?
        Is this the first time he has been injured by an animal ?
        Does your friend assist in euthanizing animals at the shelter ?
        I am sorry your friend got hurt and I hope he heals and doesn’t have any scars.

  • Mel

    You missed the point – read a little closer this time. You did use the word “attacking.” That word is not used in the article. When I said “bit lip off,” that was sarcasm. I am sorry that your boyfriend was bit, but once again, my comments are based only on the information provided in the article. If your boyfriend experienced an unprovoked attack by this dog, the byline writer failed to mention that in the story. And yes, I would feel sympathy if it was a pit bull and the situation showed that the dog was not a danger to others. And yes, dogs are put to sleep for less, but that is nothing to celebrate. That is just sad.

  • ashley

    Any dog can be aggressive and not just pit bulls it has nothing to do with the breed of the dog, it has to do with them being scared and trying to protect themselves, I’m sorry he got bit but maybe if he had used the pole like he was suppose to he wouldn’t have gotten bit in the face. I am a dog lover and go out of my way to stop and pick a stray dog up and yeah a couple have growled or bit me but once they get to their owners they are happy as can be to be back home where they belong. And if they don’t have a collar I take them to the shelter.
    They can’t talk and tell us how they feel their only option is to defend themselves.
    I hope he gets his dog back. I have 4 dogs and I don’t know what I would do if something happened to them or they went missing because they are like my kids!

  • ashley

    Not to mention the fact that you know when they are about to jump up so how and why did he not see it coming and block it.

  • Drusilla

    Its a shame you have to go through this I will hope that you are able to save his life its not like you just let the animals run the streets like so many people do you take care if them one time they got out and one bite from a frightened animal over the thousands that bite or kill other animals on a daily basis the other dog is impacted too its a huge injustice I hope you have a vet and others to back you up to testafy this animal isn’t the vishious dog he’s accused of being all my best wishes to you

  • pek

    They are just pissed cause they got bit by somethin that actually hurt they wouldnt be if it was a yorkie theyd just say small dog syndrome fine the owner and let it go its breedism (dog racisim) and it wasnt a small dog my dog is ten pounds and is meaner than any husky chow rot pit doberman or any other big dog ive been around hell a cat scratch is worse than a bite on the lip even if it really hurt the animal control. it coulda been a cat in this dogs place and the animal control officer could have gotten seriously ill for a long time from a scratch dog bite pain goes away after a visit to the doctor

  • rebelsky

    Yes Katherine we r aware any dog has potential to bite when frightened or provoked am truly sorry ur bf got bit but its a potential risk w his job and if the dog in question has no history of violence than there is no reason to take drastic measures but sadly just frm seeing ur reaction and comments it appears u seem to b a fairly temperamental person as well as maybe a lil vengeful I truly hope its a lesson learned on his part and that the poor furbaby gets out of jail soon

  • Mark Smith

    I take him everywhere with me. . He has not had a problem with nobody….Arkansas Education at it’s finest (Arkansas is 48th in the country in Education). This is, of course, a double negative meaning the dog has had a problem with everyone. I found it laughable that he used a picture of the dog as a puppy. Siberian Husky’s are a larger dog and all their fur makes them look larger than they are.

  • Scott

    Sadly, Mr Marquez will have to hire an attorney to get a fair trial. Otherwise, he definitely runs the risk of the Judge ordering his dog to be killed. Springdale is again trailing behind in the progressive thinking arena, especially when it comes to companion animal welfare issues. Here is a link to The Lancaster Law firm, they have the best reputation when it comes to cases such as this. http://www.thelancasterlawfirm.com/. Most likely, from what I saw happen in Fayetteville in a similar case, Poseidon will be banished from Springdale. I personally think Poseidon should also be released immediately from the pound to his owners until his trial date, as long as the owners agree to take precautions so Poseidon cannot escape again from his yard. Many good, non-aggressive dogs develop Kennel Aggression due to the confinement and stress of being housed at the shelter and should be avoided if at all possible!

  • Leslie

    I live in the city limits of Springdale and my former neighbors dog broke the leash she was on and bit my son multiple times requiring us to seek medical attention. The owner was not truthful and the dog had not had vaccines. The dog was quarantined and the owner had fines and had to move the dog outside the city limits. I was told on a first offense they usually do not seek euthanization. This was a small terrier that did this. I sure hope just because it was a city employee the punishment for the dog is not stiffer…I would bet my son suffered more than the grown man!

    • Meanwhile

      Please don’t reproduce. For the sake of any possible children and the society which will undoubtedly pay for them.

      • Melinda Knox

        I agree please dnt reproduce lol its apparent u urself need a life cause we need to look at the bigger pic here if his face was in range for his lip to get bit then he wasnt doin his job properly and following regulations cor his own safety and the dog HAS NO HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and hes not a beast hes this mans bby his furry child so quit referring to him as such

      • Kevin

        @Arkansans for justice
        People as ignorant as you should also be euthanized. The streets of Springdale would be safer.

    • phil allen

      @ Arkansans for Justice I somewhat agree with you.Huskys are vicious dogs i speak from experience
      My dog was ripped apart by 2 huskys and then they killed another dog they went on a killing rampage.in our neighborhood.of webb city mo.
      I am about to broadcast a video on youtube on huskys .so yes i do not love this breed.

  • larz

    How is it the dog bit the officers lip, why did the officer put it so close to the dogs face ? Springdale’s animal control officers are some of the worst there is. I wouldn’t put it beyond the officer lying about what happened. Any animal out of its space will be nervous and afraid. I suspect the fault is on the animal control officer for not knowing what the heck they were doing. Springdale animal control has a tract record of incompetence and terminations. The owner of this dog needs to be aware that this judge harper has no empathy for animals and never has, I know I have known him for 40 years.

    The people can thank the little scub of a man brad ” SHUT UP AND SET DOWN ” burns for this breed specific law. I say to hell with Springdale and to hell with harper.

  • julissa

    I see that dog today at the pound and he is a very sweet dog! The thing that really makes me angry is that Animal control is trained to handle how to pick up dogs and the only reason that person got bit is because obviously they were not following procedure. If you got bit in the face you obviously had your face too close which is common sense for anybody getting close to a dog they don’t know! To euthanize that dog is cruel and unusual punishment for me! That dog was very sweet

  • Amazed

    If the owner was this concerned about his precious animal, he should have secured him in a fenced in area where no harm could have come from the dog getting out. If he was on vacation, he should have placed the dog with someone who could have provided that type of facility also. That is what “responsible” owners do.

      • Amazed

        If the dog broke out, as the story indicates above, then the dog was not in a secured area. You seem to have a lot of misplaced anger. I am not the enemy.

    • Morgan

      We foster dogs for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and other local rescues. Our animals are all regularly kept up-to-date on their vaccinations, heartworm and flea medication, micro-chipped, neuter/spay, are kept inside or in the fenced in backyard and well-socialized and disciplined. They have also escaped twice in the last three years due to someone leaving a door or gate open accidentally. It is a completey false and ridiculous statement to say because his dog managed to escape the yard he is not a responsible dog-owner. Whether he is or not, I don’t know nor do you. But if a person’s dog escapes their yard or house does not in and of itself make them irresponsible. Thousands of responsible pet owners lose their dogs every year.

  • larz

    I adopted an Am Staff from this shelter some years ago, they were about to put him down when I walked in. The needles were on the table and he was minutes away from death. This animal was absolutely majestic to look at, there was no way I was going to let them kill him. I asked why they were putting him down and the girl said , Oh we never let these dogs out of the shelter they are killers. I asked her why was that and she said well just look at him can’t you tell.
    So folks that’s the mentality of this shelter. I made a phone call and was able to bring him home so I could foster him until a home could be found. After a few days I was not about to give him up and I adopted him. He is now a couch potato, I have had him for 5 years. This dog is a pure joy every day.

    • Melinda Knox

      My ester is a hybrid wolf German shepard beautiful bby only thing shes guilty of attacking r her food bowl at meal time lol and her toys other than that she practically sleeps on my head during a storm

  • nealnbob

    “Any animal that has bitten, or attempted to bite, a person or domestic animal can be issued a ticket for running at large,”

    That should count for police dogs as well then?!?!

  • jriley

    Just stop arguing over this. The owner should be fined and that’s it. The city of Springdale is merely trying to show their power and they are trying to set an example. Just have the attorney file an entrapment lawsuit. I mean if a k9 officer can have a dog intentionally bite someone in their city limits then it seems like they are hypocrits, poor little doggie, who’s knows what that shelter is doing to that dog for retaliation. If the city wants to make it a big deal then let’s make it a big deal

  • matt

    I have an issue with the owner. If you are leaving town put the dog in a kennel. You left town and assumed your dog would be ok. Newsflash your dog will miss you, and try to find you. Hope he never has kids.

  • larz

    I have known the Springdale Judge harper for 40 years and I have known the city prosecutor for 20 years and the one thing they both pay attention too is public opinions about them. The judge harper is a political animal, he has his sights set on a higher appointment to a state or federal judgeship. The same goes for the city attorney, he has visions of grander also. Neither one likes bad publicity, they will wet their finger and see which way the wind is blowing and go that direction. My advice for this animals supporters is to get out as much publicity as possible and fill that courtroom as much as possible with people, get as much news coverage as they can at the courtroom and put pressure on the judge and city attorney. There is no way they will order this animals death with this many eyes watching, in fact I believe the ACO violated the city animal ordinance and this should be looked into. I also urge everyone in the city to make sure councilman brad burns is voted out, he is a proven dog hater.

  • Arkansans for Justice

    I have good news. I’m hearing this dog was finally euthanized and the streets of springdale are safe again.

      • Melinda Knox

        Wow u really r sic in the head u need help getting ur kicks on a poor dog being killed ur worried about a dog saying the streets r safe lol how funny when we still hv murders rapists and drugs more important things like that than a poor scared pet

    • Anonymous626

      No that is a lie! What if I told you that you’re family was euthanized and that you are now being put up for adoption at the nearest adult orphanage. You’re are a disgrace to Arkansas

  • Responsable "me" dog owner!!!!!

    I have to say I can’t believe u want to give this dog back! I happen to know the shelter ppl they are good ppl! It isn’t their fault they got a call on a stray dog and had to do their job! If ur giving the dog treats and it’s wagging it’s tail at u who would think it would attack much less head at the face! Really thank god it was them and not a child ! Right?!?! Then there would not even be story on this!!! If he knew his dog(son) was scared of the storms I’d say why didn’t he have them in with him!!!! It’s the owners respondsabley to make sure his dog couldn’t get out of the yard! Or like he knew his dog was scared of storms bring him in! Dumb !!! Now be responsable and take the punishment as the good owner he says he is! A dog that attacks the face and then kept going after the face is a danger! Period! Like I said had it been a child you all would be saying put the dog down! He just trying to gain sympathy! Be responsable in the first place and it wouldn’t have happened!!!!!!!! Grow up and take a big boy pill!

    • Melinda Knox

      Wow again of u dnt knw the whole thing or apparently dnt read the whole story than y comment one he was on vacation dumb so how could he hv put them in the ppl who were caring for the dogs while he was gone could hv but no one said their was a storm even and 2 there were no treats givin 3 any dog not used to being out like that is gonna b scared plain and simple ive worked in a shelter and when seperated frm their families they r just simply scared and any idiot knws to approach all animals w caution yes its a good thing it wasn’t a child and btw idk about u but I teach my children to not approach strange dogs they dnt knw and I dnt blame a dog that attaks a child I blame the owner not always for the dog being loose cause it cn happen even w a secure fence and whatnot but for allowing it to become violent in most cases that an animal does bite a child its cause that child is in the dogs space and hasnt been taught properly how to approach a dog or how not to and in this case he has never shwn violance b4 On Oct 5, 2014 2:59 PM, “5NEWSOnline.com” wrote:

      > Responsable “me” dog owner!!!!! commented: “I have to say I can’t > believe u want to give this dog back! I happen to know the shelter ppl they > are good ppl! It isn’t their fault they got a call on a stray dog and had > to do their job! If ur giving the dog treats and it’s wagging it’s tail at > u who w”

  • atc8824

    He is lucky the dog is still alive because if it was a Pit Bull it would already be gone.I own a Pit Bull and I own a Chihuahua guess which one is mean and I have to watch around children and adults.Well its not the Pit Bull.

  • Melva May

    I HAVE small dogs, they are good company,
    i THINK WHAT WE COULD DO IS SEND 20 BUCKS a day, different people,,,and help out.
    and i would like to say this, I HAD A CAT THAT GOT HURT, I WAS LOW INCOME, BUT i called around in spingdale, and NO VET WOULD HELP MY CAT, BUT, i called the shelter, and she chewed me out said i could be in serious trouble, for not taking care of the animal,
    I SAID LADY, THAT IS WHY I WAS CALLING, JUST LIKE THE OTHER 50 VETS I CALLED WILL NOT HELP AND now, if you want to file changes i have each and everyone that i have phoned, not a soul would help him,and i felt bad, however this thing of money pets and laws, some times is a BAD MIX,

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