GOP Auditor Candidate Promises Efficiences In Office

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - In a "5NEWS This Morning" interview segment that aired Oct. 4, Republican state auditor candidate Andrea Lea discussed her plan for bringing efficiencies to the often-overlooked office. She is interviewed by 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry. Lea is vying for the open seat against Regina Stewart Hampton, a Democrat, and Libertarian Brian Leach. The election is Nov. 4.


  • Hondo

    I like this lady. She sounds like she wants everything to be transparent. Funny she mentions Former Lt. Governor Mark Darr. The State Audior’s Office for over 3 years approved all of his expense reports, then when it came close to election time found “problems” with them. He was fined by the Ethics Department, and then the State asked for him to repay them in less than 6 or 7 months what the State Auditor’s office approved for over three years. There definitely needs to be a change in that office. Due to this issue I cannot understand why no one asked for someone to resign in this office like they so quickly asked Mr. Darr to resign? Politics maybe? I would not doubt that all currently serving in office need their reports re-reviewed as well…from the top down.

  • Agrita

    Agreed. Some of these so-called international news are the same as well, in both TV and newppasers.Instead of reporting killings and starving in Somalia or Middle-East or whereever, they go and report some stupid dog in England that can sing all the Beethoven songs, or how someone in America decide to get married naked in the top of some mountain.Aren’t they getting their priorities completely wrong here?

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