Local Realtor Takes Concealed Carry Class

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Realtor Pat Doss has decided to get her concealed carry permit in light of what happened to real estate agent Beverly Carter.

"I just feel I need to do this for protection," Doss said. "I think no matter what you do, if you can protect yourself and you have that confidence, then you'll be better prepared for anything."

Benton County Sheriff Kelley Cradduck taught a concealed carry course Saturday (Oct. 4) to about a dozen people, with an emphasis on training women after Carter was found dead recently in central Arkansas.

"[It] got their attention and they're ready to take action and then learn how to shoot a pistol. Not only to protect themselves, but then you hear a lot of them say protecting other people,” Cradduck said.

Doss said women are more vulnerable in life-threatening situations.

"We're targets sometimes because we are the weaker individual,” Doss said. “So I think this gives us the empowerment to know that we can not be intimidated -- we can take care of ourselves."

Cradduck said the goals of Saturday’s class were to learn gun rights, and how to shoot a gun safely.

"I would say the overwhelming majority of people that come through my class have no idea what their rights are,” he said.

Doss said she hasn't shot a gun in about 40 years.

"This class has given me tons of confidence that I needed,” she said.

"If you have a little bit more confidence -- no doubt, you're gonna shoot a little bit better,” Cradduck said.

The sheriff said he’ll teach a women's self-defense class Nov. 6.

Arron Lewis was arrested in Carter's death. He plead not guilty and has a court date on Dec. 1.


  • Michael

    Wow, this is a great news story. I wonder if a baker also took part in the “conceal carry” class. Perhaps a bus driver or rodeo clown also took part in the class. This Realtor taking a conceal carry class is not news folks. Was she the only person in the class? I can not wait to read the next story that they want to tell us. Maybe it will be the one about the person who said/did/made/ something/anything/nothing.

    • zztopperman

      I tend to agree. I fail to see how this is news worthy. I think it also throws a bit of a bad light on those that choose to carry by some of the comments made in the video. I’m sure some of those that wish to destroy our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms will pick up on some of these comments and run with them.

  • Horace

    When the story about the woman who stole eye makeup made national news, a female cop’s similar photo was soon posted. Same thing here, I think. What I’m curious about is whether it was the subject who hoped to ride the coattails of the bigger story, or a journalist.

  • atc8824

    Good for her.I think all women should conceal carry then see how many get attacked,I am all for the 2nd amendment.With all the terror threats I say EVERY AMERICAN should carry especially targeted Christians.

    • John

      Yea, because you see terrorist all the time? It’s the Christians who are trying to oppress everybody rights.

  • zztopperman

    Well, I’m all for concealed carry, and agree that a class is important, (and required).but I think that segments like this put out words that the anti gun lobby like to use against those of us that believe we should carry. Confidence is nice, but feeling empowered because you are now carrying a gun and that you won’t have to feel intimidated anymore is a scary statement. A concealed weapon doesn’t really make you empowered, it only slightly levels the playing field. The bad guys always have the advantage, and you cannot just go flashing your gun out EVERYTIME you might feel intimidated. Having a concealed weapon that you are truly carrying for protection is a very serious thing. Hopefully everyone gets the understanding in their training that if they ever end up having to use the gun, it’s going to be a very bad thing. If you survive the attack, you will likely spend time in jail and will likely spend every dime you have and every dime you will ever make trying to defend your use of deadly force with a firearm! It’s a very serious thing not to be taken lightly. It’s so easy to take comments like what we’re made in the video and use them against us. There are still a lot of idiots out there that think “gun free zones” protect us and they would love to take away our 2nd amendment rights.

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