11,000 Springdale Students Issued Personal Laptops

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Students within the Springdale School District are being issued personal laptops.

To date, the district has purchased 11,000 laptops.

Funding for the laptops is provided by the “Race To The Top” grant that the district received.

Fourth grade students in Ms. Carol Harkins’ class at Lee Elementary are some of those who have already received their personal laptops.

“They are really excited about it. Any time they have research, or something to type up, they are really excited about the learning,” Harkins said. “[The laptops] extend our learning.”

The district is one of five districts in The United States to receive the grant.

The district will receive $25.8 million throughout the next four years, with $17 million going towards purchasing electronics.

“It helps our students be able to research in a way that is more 21st century,” said Justin Swope, principal at Lee Elementary. “It is definitely more engaging for our students.”

Students in Ms. Harkins’ class were using the laptops to research for group projects.

“We are using them to look up the circulatory systems,” said Samantha Armirez, a fourth grade student at Lee Elementary.

“We get to research it on the computer, instead of having to look for it in books,” said Baltazar Mederos, a fourth grade student at Lee Elementary. “We research the questions that it [asks] us, and at the end we are making a brochure.”

Harkins said that the new laptops give her students an outlet to information that her generation did not have.

“We just had things that were in front of us, or what we saw on TV or in the movies,” Harkins said. “Now, they are able to see things across the world, different cultures.”

Administrators within the district said that implementing technology for each student was important to the success of each individual.

“Our kids are digital learners,” Swope said. “Since they are digital learners, we are really bringing it to them in the medium that they are most comfortable with, and they use on a regular basis.”

The district plans on issuing every student between the 3rd and 12th grades a laptop by the 2015 school year.

Students younger than the 3rd grade level will be issued tablets.



  • Elaphas

    This country ain’t called the ‘Land of the Free’ for nothing. No wonder their invading in droves. Bankruptcy will solve all of this.

  • ugotthatrite

    technology presents an opportunity for every child/ parent, who seeks it, to receive their public education in a home setting. initially funded by those who can afford, all money expended would be repaid in the savings of not having the cost of operating public schools on a national scale. private education still an option, but would soon be surpassed by the speed the higher achieving kids advance in their own setting, system and path they choose.

    each state’s house representative and senator could also be eliminated by making voters more a part of the political system, a minimal vote percentage number required for a vote to be cast and majority will decide, bills/ laws could be decided over several days or weeks. this would also work in washington dc for the house, but 4 history sake, each state would elect their senators as happens today.

    technology would also work in vehicles and traffic control, by gps cameras and radar. less police, could focus on real crime. less drivers, and better trained drivers who will obey laws would provide safer streets. electric cars(can travel up to 200miles today) would further ease things. needed mass transport would employ those who seek it, removing all the excess these 3things would provide the country would fund it.

    solar power, 12volt batteries and l e d lighting is huge for homes cutting and/or eliminating ac power companies is within reach.
    eliminates public school shootings altogether,, costs to run schools, gone. eliminates politician and outside influence. voting fraud would require evoking citizenship and those seeking new ways to corrupt the system. safer roads, bad drivers now forced to ride, not drive. air quality improves. utility monopolies stripped from current control/ influence.

    powers that be would hate it, as well as lazy people. republicans, lol. politicians would hate it. socialism? compare this with what we have now? what actually resembles socialism to you?

  • Henry

    I am sadden by the turn towards technology at such a young age while I appreciate the development of research skills I feel that elementary students should be taught to use a book. At some pint I imagine our youth will
    See text on a paper page and wonder where the search engine for it is.

    • ugotthatrite

      imagine them having to use a rotary phone in an emergency??? me? i look at today’s high tech tv’s, their remote controls and think back in time pondering the thought…..hey! that use to be me!!!

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