Diver Finds Evidence Showing Giants Lived In Arkansas

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A local diver will appear on national television after he was asked to help the History Channel. The program will present evidence from a dive showing giants once lived in Arkansas.

It was a two day, 40-foot adventure in July on Beaver Lake for Mike Young from Fort Smith.

“Being the explorer, I had to go look at it,” Young said.

Young said he was looking for giants.

“They were between eight to 10 feet long,” Young said. “There was one room off to the back that did get pretty tight.”

Young said no skeletons were found this time. He said there is strong evidence human giants lived in the area that is now Arkansas. Young came across a wall that he said was man-made.

“This cave also had a flowing spring in it, which would have been an ideal shelter," Young said.

Young said extensive training is important.

"If you panic at any time, it`s probably going to be fatal,” Young said. “The gravel bank collapsed on us and buried me. I had about eight minutes worth of air and so I had to start digging. If you panic, it`s over.”

Young's dive is expected to air Nov. 4 on History Channel.


  • BJM

    “Being the explore”? What does that mean? What is the name of this show on the History Channel? How can we watch it if we don’t know what it is? Who, what, when, where, why? This story is practically incoherent.

    • Leten Uno

      IT was written for people of higher intelligence. Those who do get hung up on mi-spelling or quickly written articles.
      ‘being the explorer’. You might call him an explorer. He sees himself one. So he was saying since I’m an explorer type, ‘Being the explorer I am’…

      In the time it took you to type the two sentences.. ‘ What is the name of the show’ I googled and found it myself. in maybe 7 seconds.

  • Curious reader

    “Being the explore, I had to go look at it.”
    Explorer is what he said, but this is only Journalism.
    “Journalism! It’s what we do!!”
    In all honesty, these typo’s are so bad that 5News could care less and probably joke about folks like us trying to help them as though we are idiots.
    That would be my guess.
    On this story though, this is no different than the ever elusive Bigfoot and UFO’s lurking and playing hide and go seek.
    People will cling to folklore and shun the Bible. That is how many in this world roll.

    • Factfiler

      Talking about the existence of giants is not shunning the Bible; it is authenticating it. Surely you are aware of the Nephilim giants of Genesis 6:4 that are the hybrid children of the fallen angels who mated with human women. Some of these giants survived the flood, because in Gen 6 God says that there would be Nephilim on the earth afterwards, and because we have proof they did because they are in the land of Canaan when the spies are sent out to report about the land as described in Numbers 13. These were ferocious, devouring giants and many skeletons have been discovered with 2 rows of sharp teeth. The show on The History Channel is called “The Giants” and explores the archaeological findings of gigantic skeletons among many other topics related to the giants, their birth, bloodlines and current existence. For much more information about the existence of giants (and UFOs and Bigfoot … all of which can be traced to the Nephilim and hybrid bloodlines depicted in the Bible and other historical writings) check out the vast numbers of web sites that focus on the Nephilim. Two great places to start are with stevequayle.com and l.a.marzulli.com.

  • co11apse

    Is this the guy that stole the information from L. A. Marzulli? Marzulli made this discovery and deserves ALL credit.

  • P.H.

    Its funny hearing how outrageous this is and how non newsworthy but yet you took the time to read it and leave a comment. There was a guy who had proof of mermaids so why not Giants. This is the reality TV of today. You know you all with have it set on your DVR. I will.

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