Springdale Teacher Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – A Springdale junior high teacher resigned from his position after being cited by police in a sexual harassment case involving another Southwest Junior High employee. Three school employees total made sexual harassment claims against the teacher.

Douglas “Ket” Manary turned himself in to Springdale police Aug. 28 after a warrant was issued for his arrest on suspicion of misdemeanor harassment. He later resigned during a termination hearing with the Springdale School District, authorities said.

A woman working at Southwest Junior High School approached Springdale police Aug. 4, saying Manary, her coworker, had been sexually harassing her. She said this harassment led to the physical education teacher showing up at her apartment and forcefully groping her, according to an offense report from the Springdale Police Department.

The report states Manary reached up her shirt and touched her inappropriately without her consent. He also kissed her neck “in a rubbing fashion. These unwanted touches occurred while Ket was begging (her) to have sex with him inside her apartment,” the report states.

“‘Please don’t do this,’ I told him,” the victim states in a letter to the school district. “I was terrified and vomiting.”

On an earlier occasion, the P.E. teacher told the woman he was “well-endowed,” according to her letter to the school district.

The victim told police she did not come forward sooner because she hoped it would be handled by the Springdale School District internally. She told police since the district had not yet dealt with the situation, she felt she needed to go to police, the report states.

The woman also came forward because she heard another female employee at Southwest Junior High was being harassed by Manary. The second alleged victim was in a changing room changing her clothes when Manary unlocked the door and came into the room with her, the original victim told police.

The school district sent Manary a letter Aug. 8 stating administrators recommended the School Board fire him. In the letter, the district states three female employees have reported inappropriate behavior by him and that “two of these employees obtained transfers rather than continue to work in the same building with you.”

The letter states Manary’s behavior included sexual innuendo in comments and sexual remarks. His actions violate the school district’s policies against sexual harassment, the letter states.


  • Amazed

    So proud of this teacher for being strong enough to go to the police…schools usually want to sweep things of this nature under the rug and hope it will go away…most female teachers fear being fired and demeaned if they report issues of this nature

  • K

    The teacher probably went to the administration first. It was more than likely ignored by them. Channel 5, instead of reporting just what happens why don’t you ever do some investigative reporting and start digging into the corruption that surrounds the district?

  • Anonymously

    Sad to hear Springdale school district still doesn’t take sexual harassment seriously… Sounds like the practice of “boys will be boys” and blaming the victim still reign king there…

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