1964 Undefeated Arkansas Football Team Honored Before Game

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[FAYETTEVILLE] - The University of Arkansas remembered the 1964 National Championship team Saturday (Oct.11). This year marks the 50th anniversary of the only national championship for Razorback football.

Big names on the winning team include Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, former Cowboys owner Jimmy Johnson, and the infamous Coach Frank Broyles.

Thousands of fans were out tailgating before the game, and Gary Piker said he was looking forward to seeing the 1964 team back in the stadium.

"They are just a lot of great names and went on to do a lot of great things even after playing ball and after they were at the University of Arkansas," Piker said.

Bob Sivlis said he was 14 when the 1964 team won against Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl Classic, ending their season with a perfect 11-0.

"That's still our only national championship in football so far, so those guys are heroes," Sivlis said.

Andrew Plemons is a junior at the University of Arkansas, and said he hoped an Arkansas win Saturday might solidify who was truly the national champion 50 years ago.

"This is still a debate today, which 50 years later that's pretty crazy, so I would say today would have some influence on who says they came out on top that year," Plemons said.

Arkansas was the only team undefeated for the 1964 season. Alabama lost to Texas in the Orange Bowl, ending their season 10-1, but were still named national champions by the Associated Press and two other organizations.


  • Elaphas

    Jimmy Johnson was a former coach of the Cowboys, not owner. Typical sloppy “journalism” from the liberal media.

    • U. S. Citizen

      It is aggravating that our local news has the grammar issues on a daily basis. Worse than that though is “news you can trust” is a thing of the past.
      I’d say using statements like “the infamous” when speaking of our former Athletic Director was a personal view and not simply reporting the news. This one doesn’t bother me so much, but the liberal agenda they are on does trouble me.

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