10-Year-Old Boy Charged In The Death Of 90-Year-Old Woman

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DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP, PENN. – A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy has been charged with homicide after police say he confessed to beating a 90-year-old woman to death.

According to WNEP, Tristen Kurilla, 10, of Damascus Township was visiting his grandfather last Saturday when Helen Novak, 90, yelled at him during a dispute.

According to an affidavit, the 10-year-old boy told police he put a cane around Novak’s throat and punched her numerous times.

The 10-year-old boy’s grandfather was Novak’s caretaker.

Kurilla will be charged as an adult in her homicide, according to the Wayne County District Attorney’s office.

The boy is being held in the Wayne County Correctional Facility without bond.


      • Honey Badger

        In the universe I live in I could buy Coke and candy out of a vending machine in high school. Now your government tells kids they can’t have them because they might get fat. Need anymore examples?

    • really?

      In what world do you live in to deduct your statement?
      Seriously? Do you stop to read what you’ve written before you post?
      The government, in this case, says murder is wrong and all who commit it shall be prosecuted.
      Do you teach your children to the contrary? …. or is grounding them enough in your delusional mind?

  • sam

    there has got to be a better way than to trial him as an adult. they said it takes a village to raise a child so how are we failing as well

    • really?

      Let me guess. You think he should be charged as a minor so he can walk away from this at 18-21 and have no record of his actions…… only to be released and then able to commit more atrocities as an adult. Brilliant idea.
      Can you say “enabler”?

  • lid har

    This is just horrible! Poor woman, such a brutal act. But this is a kid not an adult. How do you charge a 10 year old as adult. He should be held accountable. But he is far from an adult!

    • atc8824

      Make’s lots of sense.If you punish your child and they complain to DHS then here they come to save the days and enable your child to run wild!!!!!

      • Sarah 4.0

        If you have children and you do not discipline them, trouble is around the corner. If the child threatens to call DHS on you, let them. How does a child know about DHS anyway?
        Do not be hostage to your children. Fair and just punishment is removing beloved objects from their room, including the door, standing in a corner, grounding. Beware of not teaching your child to mind because once the teen years come around, limits will be tested.
        My Mom could look at me sideways and I knew I had stepped out of line. She never once laid a hand on me (and she was a Republican).

  • jwko

    Charge him as an adult? A 10 year old? Good way to lose a case on the prosecutors part. Defense lawyers will have a field day on this case.

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