Brandon Allen Unfazed by Criticism

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Saturday's one point loss to Alabama brought a lot of fan criticism to Brandon Allen and his ability to quarterback the Hogs.

"It's not something surprising to me, I got it all last year so it's nothing new," junior redshirt quarterback Brandon Allen said. "At the quarterback position if you lose you're going to get a lot of the blame, and if you win you're going to get too much credit."

Despite the incredibly close games the Hog's have played recently, fans are becoming restless and Allen is the perfect scape goat, but that's just noise to the team.

"He knows where we are headed and he knows the steps he has made," junior wide receiver Keon Hatcher said. "I feel like he's focused on the team and this season. He's not really focused on what other people are talking about."

"Whoever is saying that about Brandon Allen obviously doesn't know much about the game of football," offensive line coach Sam Pittman said. "He's done a really great job and there's a lot more that goes into throwing and catching than obviously those people know."

It's hard to believe after last year fans could find more to complain about Allen but it's a whole team effort to succeed and that includes sticking together.

"I think this team is so good about just staying in house and keeping everything within this facility and within this team," Allen said. "Anything on the outside really doesn't phase us at all."

"I don't think it's about Brandon, it's about our team," tight end coach Barry Lunney Jr. said. "Brandon did enough good things for us to win that football game if we don't make a lot of the mistakes that were made."

The Hogs are right on the edge of earning their first SEC win since 2012 , which could come this Saturday in Little Rock against Georgia.