School District Teams Up With An Anti-Bullying Initiative

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ALMA [KFSM] - On Monday (Oct.13) and Tuesday (Oct. 14), a national anti-bullying group called Rachel's Challenge visited Alma schools to teach students about creating a positive environment at school.

Rachel's Challenge is an initiative that began when the parents of the first victim in the Columbine School massacre in 1999 found a diary their daughter had written.

In the diary, Rachel Joy Scott said she had a theory about a chain reaction of showing kindness. The Rachel's Challenge program asks students across the nation to take five steps to prevent bullying and create a culture of compassion.

Those steps include looking for the best in others, dreaming big, choosing positive influences, speaking with kindness and starting your own chain reaction.

Alma Schools Superintendent David Woolly said he is looking forward to having the kids learn the value of treating each other with respect.

"It's about helping students of all ages make good decisions about life, about getting along with each other, about being good friends, about being helpful to their peers, about being good people," Woolly said.

The group came to Alma schools Monday (Oct. 13) and gave a presentation to the high school and elementary school students. They presented the program to middle school and intermediate school students Tuesday (Oct. 14) morning.

Woolly said there isn't a bullying problem at the school, but said he hopes students can take away a positive message.

"This is a national program that has been presented to millions and millions of young people across the country, and every school that's ever had it has said it's one of the best programs they've ever had in helping to approve their school climate and school culture, and that's what we want to do too ," Woolly said.

For more information on Rachel's Challenge, click here.


  • GloriaR

    I was a teacher for 20 years. To try to help combat bullying, songs, like “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” on youtube can help teach kids kindness and tolerance.

  • Sean

    That’s awesome. So much different than in Ft Smith where your straight A child can and will actually be targeted BY the school district as a personal favor for sick and twisted individuals.

  • Honey Badger

    Well everyone knows that kindness can be legislated. When are we going to organize the thought police so these crimes against humanity can be brought to justice!!! George Orwell wrote the manual people. Why aren’t we following it? Stop the insanity now!

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