Senate Candidates Debate the Definition Of Middle CLass

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Fayetteville (KFSM)- It was a heated debate in Fayetteville Tuesday (Oct. 14) as U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark. and U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton Republican candidate for U.S. Senate appeared on C-SPAN.

The debate was held at the University of Arkansas.

The two were asked about the 188th Fighter Wing in Fort Smith, along with where they stand with Interstate 49 construction.

The two presented major differences on what classifies middle class and what's next for the affordable care act.

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  • Sarah 300

    Mark Pryor won this debate hands down!

    All Cotton can say is Obama. He has no plans to help the Arkansas people. He received student loans yet wants to end PELLHAM grants and continue the exorbitant interest on student loans. And Grandma, your loss will be in Medicare benefits and raising the age if receiving your benefits that YOU paid in.
    He despises the government but guess what? Cotton, his mama, his daddy, his education, his military benefits, are all courtesy of the government he ridicules.

  • Marie

    How can you Serve to Represent Arkansas when you don’t even Know the people of Arkansas.
    I always marvel at these Democrats that claim to Represent the ‘poor’, the middle Class’ I don’t Know Any Poor or Middle Class Taxpayers in Arkansas that make $200,000.00 a year. Is this the reason that Democrats don’t realize that We the Real middle class are Broke, Over Taxed , struggling to survive? Do Democrats really believe that the Average Income is TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR????? Pryor has Been in Office HOW MANY Years? No wonder this country is on the verge of a revolt.

    • Sarah 300

      While I don’t know a lot of people in my friends group who make 200K, there are some professionals that do. They consider themselves middle class.
      By the way, Democrats DO represent the poor although I fairly give kudos to the State of Arkansas Republicans for our new health care.
      Beware – ASA and COTTON will get rid of healthcare for our poorest citizens. The Republicans in the federal government stripped 39.5 BILLION dollars in food stamps nationwide. A travesty.
      My great aunt (age 84) is only eligible for 15 bucks a month with a SS benefit of 800. Our poor and senior citizens need help and everyone deserves health care!

      • florence

        pryor voted to give ss benefits to illegal immigrants. Your view of won the debate only clarifies that you have no idea what the socialist party is doing to our country. The late Adrian Rogers said it best, “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.
        What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without
        receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does
        not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not
        have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other
        half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get
        what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot
        multiply wealth by dividing it.” pryor has worked hard at destroying our freedom and our nation is on the verge of collapsing because of it.

      • Ronnie Raygun

        Florence is overlooking the fact that Tom Cotton voted for our government to go into default, causing us to suffer a credit downgrade. She is also ignoring Cottons votes against women for fair and equal pay, against women when they are victims of crime or to defund children’s hospitals through government programs.

        It looks like women and children come second, behind THE MAN, Tom Cotton.

      • jonesy


        The National Republican Senatorial Committee — the GOP’s Senate campaign arm — is attacking Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., for becoming a creature of Washington after 12 years in the Capitol. But the ad now airing relies on an eight-year-old charge that we and other fact checkers have debunked multiple times over the years.

        The ad makes it sound like Pryor was voting to create a vast new entitlement for illegal immigrants by allowing them to qualify for Social Security. In reality, the 2006 vote concerned a much narrower issue — the treatment of past payroll taxes paid by former illegal immigrants who would have become legal under an immigration overhaul bill (a bill that never made it into law).

        At the time, illegal immigrants had a right to receive credit in their benefits calculation for Social Security payments they had made while working illegally, typically while using an unauthorized Social Security number. They received such credit only after they had received legal working papers and a genuine Social Security number.

    • unbelievable

      Marie I know quite a few people in the $200K range and they are middle class. Trust me they live a little better than I do on my salary but the are by no means wealthy. Middle class covers a wide expanse of income. I’m not defending him but I think he was talking about where he thinks the maximum cap is. There is an upper and a lower middle class. The upper just live in more expensive homes and drive more expensive cars but whether you are $50K or $200K you are living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Ronnie Raygun

    Republicans do not know how to run a country. When Obama took office, our economy was sinking quicker than the Titanic. Republicans (including Tom Cotton) did *everything*, including even defaulting on our debts to stop the recovery. In spite of this, under Obama, our economy has steadily improved.

    I voted for Bush twice and have NEVER voted for Obama, but I would if given the chance. At this point, I just don’t trust republicans any more. I feel they are in the pocket of corporations. I’m interested in knowing where the majority of tom cottons campaign funds come from….(outside the state, I bet)

      • Arnold fudpucker

        Oh come on. Do you think your boy pryor is paying his way out of his piggy back. The guy needs to go. All he is is a legacy candidate riding daddy’s name. the guy hasn’t ever worked a real job. In fact the only job he has worked is the snow job he is spouting at the stupid electorate.
        You are a great example of the yellow dog demoncrat.

  • unbelievable

    He looks like Pinnochio when he talks. He’s basically a puppet on a string. He’s well on his way to being a lifelong politician instead of doing an honest days work. Say what you want to about Pryor but I really see no difference between the two as far as being typical lying politicians. All Cotton has done so far is run for office he really has not record to speak of.

    • Arnold fudpucker

      And you think Pryor isn’t a career political puke already? He is that and a puppet to boot. Talk about never having worked for a living you got to talk about pryor.

      • unbelievable

        Dumb*ss I didn’t say anything about about pryor not being a career politician. Get your head out and read instead of assuming something is written that is not.

    • Arnold fudpucker

      You did say you saw no difference between the two. Your juvenile illiterate response does expose your demoncrat leaning though. I take pity on you and will not try to argue any further with you as I do not want to be dragged down to your level where you can beat me with you experience at being there.

      • unbelieveable

        I am not a Democrat but you are obviously a typical narrow minded big mouth Republican. I never said Pryor was not a career politician. I see no difference in them because they are both liars!!!!!

  • Brent

    UP TO…
    Pryor said “UP TO 200k”. Not that the middle class includes only those making 200k. I generally vote Republican and I am not a fan of Obama, but that does not mean that we can not or should not recognize that his definition is a broad one. While he did not say what the bottom end of his definition would be (undoubtedly for fear of offending those making below that, by implication, would be referred to as low income), he at least answered the question. Cotton’s response was simply what he believed the “average” income of Arkansas families were. Like most of his answers, I am sorry to say that in my opinion, Cotton failed to answer the question at all.

    • unbelieveable

      Brent these people on here read what they want to see not what it actually there. They skipped over the UP TO part. It’s funny how when you disagree with them they immediately call you a Democrat. Just shows their ignorance. I do not call my self a Republican nor a Democrat and the reason I will not claim the Republican part is because they are so blind to the real world all they can do is stand around and scream Liberal!!! and that the sky is falling. The Republicans have no platform to speak of so they just run their mouths.

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