Severe Weather Slams Food Bank

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FORT SMITH  (KFSM)- A Fort Smith food bank is trying to figure out how they will pay for a new roof after severe weather damaged it.

Ken Kupchick is with the River Valley Regional Food Bank.

“We are now down to the bones,” Kupchick said. “The roof came crashing in with the rain. It took out some computers and some other office supplies, left us scrambling.”

Storms earlier this week slammed the food bank with heavy rains and wind.

“It`s definitely in the thousands, thousands we don`t want to spend on repairs," Kupchick said.

Kupchick said those thousands of dollars may have to be pulled from a 60-thousand dollar grant the food bank just won from a Walmart competition.

"Thousands we want to spend on food,” Kupchick said.

Which is heart breaking for some food bank users.

“There`s a lot of good people that come from the food bank,” said Denise Eudey with the Greenwood United Methodist Church. “As far as damage, it`s bad they are doing the best they can.”

“We will just need to fix the roof before another rain or before it gets cold,” Kupchick said. “We lost all the insulation.”

Kupchick said he's met with insurance adjustors and is hoping for the best.

The food bank received more than 6,000 votes to obtain the 60-thousand dollar grant.

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