Both Sides Dig In As State Alcohol Vote Approaches

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BARLING (KFSM)- Voters will soon decide if every county in Arkansas will be able to sell alcohol, leaving advocates and detractors digging in over the next three weeks.

Douglas Goss works in Barling at Bruce & Terri Drive-In and Catering. He wants his restaurant to serve alcohol.

“It probably would bring a lot of profit in,” Goss said.

Officials said the counties in Arkansas are split nearly down the middle, with 38 are wet and 37 dry.

As the election approaches, the number of advertisements geared toward voters on the alcohol issue has increased.

But Goss said it can be hard to compete with Fort Smith when it comes to businesses selling alcohol.

“Weeknights, Saturday, Sundays---all that. People go down there because they can buy alcohol," Goss said.

Some Barling business owners said they would not need to serve alcohol to remain profitable.

Dan Garnes just opened a coffee and sandwich shop in Barling called Grounds Hero.

“No, probably not,” Garnes said. “We wouldn`t need it to succeed. Our church affiliation wouldn`t agree with it.”

5NEWS also spoke with Crawford County Judge John Hall.

“My county judge association voted to oppose the statewide issue that`s on the ballot,” Hall said.

Pioneers for Let Arkansas Decide disagree.

“You are looking at approximately 600 new jobs in the state of Arkansas and nearly $100 million in economic revenue each year,” said David Couch, the leader for Let Arkansas Decide leader.

Goss said the change would be a major boost.

“I think everybody should have a drink with their meal if they want to,” Goss said.

Early voting starts Oct. 20. Election Day is Nov. 4.




  • Olive

    The opposition to being able to sell alcohol any where in the state consists of current liquor store owners. They are worried about losing money and that is why they do not want this to pass. The adds that the liquor store owners are paying for talk about making your own decisions……blah, blah, blah. They had a monopoly in Arkansas that is slowly disappearing.

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