Johnson Mayor Under Investigation In City Theft, Campaign Violation Case

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JOHNSON (KFSM) – Authorities are investigating the Johnson mayor concerning theft of city money and potential campaign violations, according to a letter sent to the Washington County Sheriff's Office from the Washington County Prosecutor's Office.

Police Chief Vernon Sisemore notified the Sheriff’s Office of the potentially illegal acts, saying a recording exists of Mayor Buddy Curry instructing city employees not to tell anyone about $200 that went missing out of the Johnson Recorder/Treasurer Office, according to the letter released to 5NEWS from the Sheriff's Office.

(Click here to read the investigation letter written by the prosecutor's office)

Curry also coerced city employees into signing a petition for re-election in City Hall following a City Council meeting, according to the investigation letter dated Sept. 22. That action may constitute a violation of state election laws.

The mayor responded to the allegations Wednesday, saying City Council members sometimes circulate re-election petitions after the meetings. Curry said he believes the investigation is politically-motivated because his mayoral campaign opponent is a member of the local police department.

Curry is seeking re-election to the mayor position. He is opposed by challenger Chris Keeney of the Johnson Police Department. That election is set for Nov. 4.

The mayor fired the police chief Oct. 6, although he did not give a reason in a termination letter. The City Council reinstated Sisemore to the police chief position Tuesday night by a vote of 4-1. One council member chose not to vote.

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  • Sean

    If Washington County’s prosecutor is anything like Sebastian County prosecutor Daniel Shue…the mayor is ALLLLL GOOOOOD.

    His buddies will make sure this all goes away.

  • Sarah 300

    Such good news from small town politics. So much gossip, stealing signs (in the past), or speed traps.
    Why can’t all the bedroom communities play nice and fair?

    • Sean

      Greenwood City Prosecutor Mike Hamby and his wife Genia Hamby received a report of a deviant sexual assault on a minor child, and instead of reporting it to investigative authorities used the report for their own personal gain.

      Sick and disgusting behavior lurks in our county by our elected officials.

  • jwko

    Now we see why the Police chief was fired. Now that the police chief has been reinstated, Mister Mayor’s in the hot seat and going to have to answer for his actions. Or lack of..

  • Velda

    Police Chief mad because he got fired, now he is trying to get the mayor fired for corruption.

    These little town politics are so immature and stupid.

    Why can’t people just be clean from day one and then they’d have nothing to worry about?

    • jwko

      Read the document in the link above, the Chief was fired 2 weeks after the prosecutor asked for an investigation. The mayor told them not to mention the missing money. The Chief did and asked for an investigation. The mayor fired the chief.

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