Voter ID Law Struck Down By Arkansas Supreme Court

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – The Arkansas Supreme Court has struck down a state law that required citizens to show a photo ID before voting, according to KTHV.

The court upheld a lower court’s ruling that labeled the law “unconstitutional” because it added an additional qualification for voting, KTHV reported.

Approved by the Republican-led legislature, the controversial law was passed by overriding a veto from Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe. It took effect on Jan. 1, according to KTHV.

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  • mexicantakeover

    They are not idiots..they know what they are doing. They are paid by the corporations to make sure that illegals are able to vote…its good for America!!

    • RiseUp

      Patriot, you’re as unAmerican as they come. Unfortunately you don’t have enough sense to realize it or too criminal to admit what’s really going on. Im sure you’ll come back with some liberal garbage in return but, regardless, you’re a liberal so it really doesn’t matter anyway.

  • Joan

    Don’t you have to show ID to get benefits such as Food Stamps and WIC? I have been behind people in line at the store who had WIC vouchers and they had to show ID. Everyone has to have some form of ID for a myriad of activities in this country now, so why is it a problem to show something in order to vote? How would you like to show up to vote only to find someone had voted for you? This couldn’t happen if you have to show ID.

    • Realist!!

      I don’t think our founding fathers had any ID on them when they started the revolution, do you? If you want to show your ID when voting, flop it out and be happy!!

      • FEDUP

        The Democrats aren’t the smartest group, however they aren’t stupid either. They know that illegals will vote the Democratic ticket. What is the first thing asked for when a police officer stops you?

      • Joan

        Our founding fathers didn’t expect hand-outs either. If they wanted to eat, they broke ground, planted and harvested. The next time you, a citizen, are asked to show ID, just say no. See where that gets you.

  • Richard S. Drake

    I yhink I finally have the rules figured out here,
    LIBERALS argue facts, and those who disagree just spew paranoid insults at them. The usual insults from silly people who are too scared to even use a first name.

  • AV

    I’m surprised the Republican-led legislature hasn’t passed laws to add poll taxes and literacy tests. If you can’t convince them to vote for you, make sure they can’t vote at all.

  • Realist!!

    If Americans want a law that requires an ID to be shown before they are allowed to vote, then it needs to be an amendment to the Constitution!! otherwise, these state laws will continue to be struck down.

      • Realist!!

        America doesn’t need to put individual voting laws in the hands of the States, it would create a similar situation as the Electoral Collage. We don’t need any of that.

      • Razlaw14

        It is a “state’s right law.” It’s called the Arkansas Constitution, the U.S. Constitution only sets the floor, not a ceiling, individual states can go further to protect the rights of its citizens.

      • Realist!!

        RAZLAW14, you’re correct, it is a state constitution. However, amendments to the “State’s” constitution still need to be brought before the citizens of the “State” to vote for or against them. I do not like laws being forced upon me!

      • razlaw14

        You “don’t like laws imposed upon you”? How is holding a law unconstitutional forcing any law upon you? If you understand and respect the fact that we have checks and balances through separation of the legislative, executive, and judiciary branches then you should agree with the Supreme Court. If you want to change the constitution, bring it up for a vote!


    One would think that if a party, Repub or Dem, was trying to nullify a guaranteed way to prevent voter fraud that the party is scared that they cannot win without it.

  • Ruby McFarland

    Extremely disappointed in Arkansas’s court right now. This law wouldn’t “add” an additional requirement to vote, it would however, see to it that the main requirement is satisfied – that being citizenship!

    • Realist!!

      First of all, did we get to vote for this law? We the people should decide if an amendment to our constitution is needed. Do you agree or do you like laws forced upon you?

  • Lynn

    The state constitution specifically sets out the requirements to be a voter in Arkansas. The voter ID law added a new requirement to be a voter. Therefore the law was a violation of the state constitution. The Supreme Court got it right. If we want to require an ID to vote, we need to amend the state constitution and add that as a requirement.

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