Authorities Release 911 Tape From Train Collision

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) – Officials released the 911 tapes from that Washington County train crash.

Around 10:25 on Thursday (Oct. 16) morning, emergency dispatchers received a call of a head-on train collision.

One caller was so shook up by the event, that she had to hand the phone to an FBI agent, who happened to be on the train as well.

The agent spent more than 20 minutes describing the scene to a dispatcher.

"Everyone shot forward, and people hit tables,” the agent said on the 911 call. “People went flying. We have some people that have lost consciousness.”

Injuries were reported during the call. A description of the scene was also provided during the call.

"There was smoke coming from the front," the caller said.

Dispatchers had a difficult time finding the exact location of the wreck, as it was in a remote area of the woods.

Ultimately, dispatchers used a crew member`s iPhone to locate them on GPS.

Meanwhile, the caller continued to provide details.

"We do have a lot of head wounds," the caller said. "Maybe one of the engineers has a fracture. He has some broken bones.”

Some locals who live near the wreck site say the engine, which caused the wreck, seemed to be going faster than normal.

Once on scene, it took medical crews several hours to attend to all the passengers and send them to three local hospitals.

Of the 44 who were injured, only a handful remains hospitalized.


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