Greenwood Students Return To Class After Unspecified Threat Evacuation

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) – Greenwood Middle School students have returned to class after an unspecified threat led to an evacuation on Friday (Oct. 17), police say.

A threat was found at the East Hills Middle School before 12:30 p.m., according to police.

Faculty and students were moved to a safe area while police searched the building.

Police found nothing, and everyone was allowed to resume their normal schedule, authorities said.

The threat is still under investigation.


  • Jaybird

    GOOD GRIEF, Greenwood!!! The Greenwood Police Dept. and the Sebastian COunty Prosecuting Attorney’s Office need to get a handle on this situation quick. This is getting flat out RIDICULOUS! Each time this happens, it is just like The Boy Who Cried Wolf scenario. I know they have to take each instance seriously, but eventually this could lead to a very disastrous event. Even though we all know that 999 out of 1000 times these threats mean nothing and are just the result of somebody over-reacting to a whisper overheard, or a note left in a locker. But these children need to realize that their actions cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each time this occurs. It also takes away resources from other potentially life-threatening situations that may be a happening across town at the same time these “searches” are going on. What if an armed robbery was to take place, or something along those lines. I think that each time a false bomb threat or whatever takes place at any school in the Greenwood School District, they should make the students go to school on Saturday, or add a day to the calendar year. I realize that is punishing everyone for the action of an individual, but I assure you, the most intense kind of pressure not to do something, is peer-pressure. Just like making an entire football team do push-ups when one player screws up. That player will learn really quick what not to do. Also, another solution would be to try the offender as an adult. PERIOD. I don’t care what age. Every kid in that district has been through enough of these bomb scares to KNOW what they are and what they mean, so you can’t say they “didn’t realize what they were doing.” Finally, they should also EXPEL the student forever from not only the Greenwood school district and EVERY school district in the State for 1 year, forcing the parents to home-school the child for 1 year. These are just my opinions and options….SOMETHING has to change because whatever the status quo is, IS NOT WORKING! GET A HOLD OF YOUR CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR, GREENWOOD PARENTS….YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT IS BECOMING A JOKE!

      • Jaybird

        I will let your username and the content of your reply stand as an example of your maturity level and mental capacity. Job well done on a well thought out reply. You really put me in my place.

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