New Motion In Ark. Gay Marriage Hearing Requests That The Case Be Expedited

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) – Two motions were filed on Friday (Oct. 17) in the gay marriage case that is before the Arkansas Supreme Court, officials say.

The first motion requested that the Arkansas Supreme Court expedite the entire appeal case.

The motion states, “The importance of the constitutional rights at issue her provide good cause for the court to expedite this appeal.”

“Arkansas’ treatment of [same sex] relationships as lesser than the relations of opposite-sex couples who are married or want to become married deprives [same sex] couples of important constitutional rights, causes them anxiety and stress, deprives them of dignity as individuals and as couples, subjects them to ongoing economic harms and causes particularly devastating harm to the innocent children of [same sex couples],” the motion states.

The second motion, filed by Pulaski County Circuit Clerk Larry Crane requests the court expand the amount of time allowed for oral arguments, court documents state. In his motion, Crane requests the opportunity to advance his arguments in the case and address the Arkansas Supreme Court’s questions during oral arguments.

His motion states that he sides with those in favor of overturning the state’s ban on gay marriage, and others involved in the case were “unlikely to share their allotted time for argument with Crane.”

Crane’s motion states “The public interest in this case justifies expanding time for argument.”

The Arkansas Supreme Court already granted a motion for there to be oral arguments from both sides in the case, but a date has not been set, officials said.

Stephanie Harris with the Arkansas Supreme Court Communications Counsel said she doesn’t know when the court will rule on the motions or when oral arguments will be scheduled.

Approximately two weeks before the motions were filed, Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe appointed retired trial Judge Robert McCorkindale to the trial after Justice Cliff Hoofman recused himself, Harris said.

It is unknown if the case will be resolved by the Arkansas Supreme Court before the end of 2014, which is when two justices will leave the court, according to Harris.



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