Family Farm Offers Pick Your Own Pumpkins

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SPRINGDALE [KFSM] - A Springdale family put on a free barbeque lunch Sunday (Oct. 19) at their farm to thank customers for coming out every year to pick their pumpkins. The family began the pick-your-own patch in 2008.

David Dickey and his wife Deana, along with their daughters Katie and Sarah, run the patch with help from extended family. The Dickey's farm fruits and vegetables, and decided a few years ago to rent a 10 acre plot to sell their pumpkins.

"I think it's really fun and we get to meet a lot of new people, but it's really time-consuming," Twelve-year-old Sarah said.

Deana said the best part about their pumpkin patch is that there is no admission cost.

"If you come out here and you don't find what you want, you're not out any money," Deana said.

She said prices can vary depending on if a person is looking for decorative gourds or a 100 pound pumpkin.

"Most everything is $0.50 a pound, but we do have a special that anything over 50 pounds is $25," Deana said.

Deana's brother-in-law Billy Huber helps at the pumpkin patch, and also provided and cooked the hundreds of pulled pork sandwiches for the special event. He said there are lessons for his children to learn when working on a farm, and for other children coming out to experience the pumpkin patch.

"People learn that pumpkins don't come from a pallet, people learn that they actually come off a know you go to a Walmart or a big store and those pumpkins have been picked a long time, and it's a little different to come out and pick it right off a vine," Huber said.

Sixteen-year-old Katie Dickey said her favorite part of helping at the pumpkin patch is sharing her family's lifestyle with those who have never had experience farming their food.

"I think the best thing is to get to see their faces and see them enjoying it as much as we do," Katie said.

The pumpkin patch is located at 14306 Wildcat Creek Road in Springdale. It is open from 4 p.m. to dark Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to dark Saturday and Sunday.


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