War Eagle Craft Fair Wraps Up

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HINDSVILLE (KFSM) -- The 61st annual War Eagle Fair ended Sunday (Oct. 19) after four days full of food and crafts.

Vendors from all over the country sold their candles, blankets, furniture, books and jewelry.

Rich Ernsting and Rebecca Higgins have been selling pictures of nearly 800 universities for almost 20 years.

“It's not a hobby -- it’s a living,” Ernsting said. "We get a campus map to start with. We drive to the campus and we walk the entire campus and photograph every single building and special points of interest on the campus."

They started taking pictures of colleges in Indiana and worked their way around the country, without attending a single class.

"I've been to 800 schools and I haven't graduated from any of them,” Ernsting said.

He’ll be adding to his collection on Monday, when he plans to take pictures of the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

"It's a fun show. And the weather's been perfect so you know, it's been great,” he said.

Organizers estimate about 150,000 people came out to the fair this year.

When the fair first started in 1954, about 2,000 people showed up, according to Cole Seal, board member of the War Eagle Fair.