Dog Rescue: Lucy The Dog And Five Others Starved At Arkansas Shelter

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – A Connecticut-based dog shelter called Big Fluffy Dog Rescue had to save six starving dogs from an Arkansas animal shelter in the town of Brinkley, according to a post on their Facebook page.

One of the dogs is named Lucy (pictured right), and below is a picture of the pen she and the other dogs were kept in, the post states.

brinkley shelter


Lucy is a shepherd mix, according to the post. She was rescued on Oct. 17, and the other animals were taken into the custody of Big Fluffy Dog Rescue on Oct. 21.

This rescue was the second in two months, in which, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue was called to an Arkansas shelter to take dogs out because they were kept in such brutal conditions, the post states. The first rescue the group was involved in was at an animal shelter in Magnolia.

“The shelter, if you can call it that, is essentially a shed, and dogs are put there to die slowly of disease and starvation,” the post states.

Billy Hankins, the mayor of Brinkley, fired the town’s dog catcher on Oct. 21 for “dereliction of his responsibilities,” according to the post.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue was initially contacted by local residents of Brinkley who learned of the condition the dogs were being kept in and called the organization for help, the post states.

The rescue group is a not for profit 501C3 organization that specializes in the rescue of giant breed working dogs. Although based in New England, the group does save a large number of dogs from the south, shipping them up to New England to be placed in private foster homes, according to the group’s Facebook page.


  • Burt Saxby

    The big question here is why someone would have to travel from CONNECTICUT to do this in Arkansas. Are we that helpless that we do not have something in place to do this if it needs done? Or is this another case of too much bureaucratic red tape for a something that should have been more closely monitored.

  • Jaybird

    Simply heartbreaking.
    1. How sad is it that the dogs obviously were NEVER seen by anyone in the public for so long that they were allowed to deteriorate to this extent before anything was done.
    2. What does it say about this town, that whomever took responsibility for these animals didn’t think ANYONE in this town had the means to care for these animals. What a lousy city Brinkly must be that a facility in Connecticut has to be contacted to take care of only 5 dogs that a whole city could not take care of. These are the type of things that continue to give this state, and the South in general, a bad reputation of backwards, redneck people. I am ashamed.

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