Summit Medical Center Hosts 5K To Promote Health, Raise Money For Cancer Awareness

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VAN BUREN (KFSM)- Summit Medical Center hosted an inaugural ‘Summit Stampede’ Saturday morning (Oct. 25). Organizers said the 5K Race/Walk and Health Fair not only promotes physical fitness, but it also raises awareness of various forms of cancer.

“We’re doing this on behalf of Lymphoma and ovarian cancer,” Anthony Brooks, Summit Medical Center Administrator/CFO said. “We decided that we need to be a little more part of the community and doing a little bit more with the community as far as getting involved, and we’ve decided to do this to try to make sure that we can get people involved and remember the hospital and remember the system that we have going on.”

Mary Jo Brinkman directed the race. She’s worked at Summit for 23 year and is a marathon runner as well.

“This event is all about Summit Medical Center supporting the community and supporting runners and walkers and the cancer societies,” she said. “It’s about physical fitness and enhancing physical fitness, so we’re encouraging the people who already run to continue to run and we’re supporting those who want to get in better physical shape by encouraging them to walk in the race.”

Many participants got involved to honor their loved ones who have fought or are fighting cancer.

“Vicky Moore who is our laboratory director has suffered from Ovarian Cancer, and she is in remission,” Brinkman said. “I have been running for her with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for at least five years, and we believe all the money that goes into cancer organizations for cancer research eventually helps all of the organizations and helps cure for all types of cancer.”

Around 100 people registered for the event. Don Edge ended up placing 1st in his age group and 4th place overall.

“Thanks God for letting us have this event today,” Edge said. “He’s the reason we’re all here, out here for a great cause.”

Profits from the registration fees will go to benefit the River Valley Chapter of the Arkansas Ovarian Cancer Coalition and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.