Fort Smith Gas Station Selling Illegal Contacts

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Halloween-themed contacts are a popular accessory, but doctors warn they could damage your eyes if they are not bought from an optometrist.

Selling colored contacts is illegal, unless they are coming from a doctor, but they can be easy to find. 5NEWS found them at the Finish-Line gas station on Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith.

According to optometrist, Stanley Cate of Cate Eye Care Associates, you should think twice before popping in Halloween contacts.

“Anyone who is getting them from a source other than their eye doctor without a prescription, you are obtaining them illegally,” Cate said. “There is a risk of getting a corneal ulcer.”

According to Cate, the fines for selling Halloween contacts are substantial.

"It is at least three figures on the fines. Sometimes it may be a four-figure fine," Cate said.

The manager of the gas station said he plans to stop selling the contacts.


  • Mel

    All these Store Owners that own stores that sell everything from Gasoline to Q-Tips need to get Educated in the world of illegal and non-illegal things that are being sold today.. If a customer bought something from them and it did bodily injuries to them, they would have a good chance of being Sued and Losing their Business License..And we all know the Lawyers are on Stand-By and waiting for the opportunity to take a Case against any and all business’s because of the High Dollar Amount they also will make..

  • crickett

    I think the way you guys handled this story was harsh, you bombarded this guy. He’s not the only store in fort smith doing this. I think you could have handled

  • Jesse utting

    Yeah you guys are messed up for going about it this way whenever places sold spice all over after law banned it yet they were still selling it at gas certain gas station you want there all up in their facees, yet over something like this??? Plzzzz give me a break thats a joke! People were dying from the spice this may affect your vision

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