Person Of Interest Identified In Ozark Elementary Bomb Threat

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OZARK (KFSM) -The Ozark Police Department has identified a person of interest in a bomb threat that evacuated Ozark Elementary schools early Monday (Oct. 27), police said.

Parents were alerted before noon on Monday and were to told they could go to the Ozark School District’s primary and upper elementary schools to pick up their children, officials said. The schools are located next to each other. No suspicious devices were found, police said.

The person of interest is a student at the upper elementary school, Police Chief Cory Tedford said. Someone found a written note in the female bathroom at the upper elementary school, a school administrator then brought it to a school resource officer, who contacted authorities, the chief said.

Investigators found evidence and reviewed surveillance video to determine the person of interest, police said.

This is the second bomb threat at the elementary schools since last week.

On Thursday (Oct. 23), student were evacuated because of a bomb-threat note written by a 9-year-old student, according to deputies. Authorities last week said no criminal charges would be filed against that child due to age. Franklin County deputies handed the case over to juvenile authorities.




  • jwko

    This has to stop! The kids that are doing this to get out of school probably doesn’t realize its like a snow day, it will be made up at the end of the year. Not to mention it is terroristic threatening!

  • curious

    Why does their school symbol consist of a hillbilly holding a shotgun? Bit odd in this day and age of school shootings and bomb threats I’d think…

    • judy

      very good (& obvious) point. what message does the logo send to the students, esp younger ones? maybe old school, but not in today’s world. really dumb

    • Tonia

      That would be a picture of the old mascot. The new on is a Hillbilly, holding a book strap with books in it. I went to school there, back when he held a moonshine jug, and a rifle. I can GUARANTEE you, even with that mascot, there were NO bomb threats or school shootings there.

      The problem isn’t a “mascot” problem, it’s a “parent” problem. Parents ought to be teaching their children right from wrong, much like the older generations did. Not point the finger at everything else. Used to parents took responsibility of their children and their morals. They no longer do this. So we have entitled, spoiled rotten kids that face no consequences for their bad choices, instead everyone wants to point the finger elsewhere and blame it on something or someone else. I fear for the future of our country when these children are the ones in a position to run it. Again, not a Mascot problem, but parent problems.

      • Paula Weeks

        Good for you Tonia, you nailed the problem. In this day and age everyone wants to place the blame anywhere but on the shoulders it belongs on. Namely the parents. Have you considered running for school board?

      • judy

        good point tonia, though an obvious one especially in regards to younger students. problem is…just like the school environment is way different than the “good ol’ days”, so are the parents. many are single, very young, and coming from broken backgrounds themselves. yeah, it their responsibility….so easy to say, but what’s the answer? betcha those parents from the trouble makers who made terrorist threats never made it it to parents/teacher conferences. and BTW Channel 5 news, it is in VERY poor taste that you include the old Hillbilly mascot…suggests you just want the news audience. thanks tonia for pointing that out

  • Amazed

    This school’s “powers who be ” need to re-evaluate teaching these kids to stop doing this…whatever they are doing to instill in the minds of these children the reasons to not do this is not working

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