John Burkhalter “Stripper” Interview Picked Up By National Outlets

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A 5NEWS interview with John Burkhalter, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, detailing some of his past jobs, including that of Chippendale-style performer, is getting picked up by national outlets.

The interview, conducted by 5NEWS Managing Editor Larry Henry and posted on his YouTube account, is titled “John Burkhalter: Road To Success Included Various Jobs.”

The Washington Free Beacon ran with the story, and their version was picked up by the  news aggregation site Drudge Report.

Burkhalter is running against Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark., and Libertarian candidate Christopher Olsen in Tuesday’s election.


  • Elaphas

    The article failed to mention the other things this thug is known for. Anyway, the idiot is going to lose anyway.

  • Amazed

    Who cares??? It would probably surprise a lot of people to know of “past” jobs of all candidates. Maybe his job qualified him to avoid the hands of special interest groups trying to grab his attention.

  • whoCares

    So what he danced around naked how many people on ever went to a party and got drunk and did the same thing? he was sober and made some cash perfectly legal Mary Carey did or does adult films she ran for governor of california . No one seemed to care and why should they if you don’t like him at least due it for the right reasons like his policy are awful he would hurt arkansas so on and so fourth but to honesty ever politician is a lairs cook thieves no party is without them i’m getting to the point were i think it’s more american not to vote it’s the same people different label (D) or (R) but what changes nothing it never will.

  • elphud

    I’d rather have a former chip n’ dales stripper for lt. Gov, than a former coke snorting president, like Bush.

    Let’s put things into perspective, people…

    • YoYo Mah

      well in addition to coke snorting Bush we have admitted coke snorting Obama, so what’s your point? That coke snorting ought to disqualify someone? Then get rid of Obama.

  • Eric Parkinson

    Fortunately, some of the weird jobs many of us had as teens and youngsters have absolutely nothing to do with our ultimate skills and competencies when we become adults and professionals. This non-news story feels like finding a dorky high school yearbook photo of a political candidate, then proudly beating your chest when the report is reprinted by a larger “non-news” hack outlet. Channel 5 news is becoming a nationally renowned journalistic joke. They are so out of touch with reality that they don’t recognize how insulting it is to have The Drudge Report using Channel 5 “material” as repurposed political fodder. Instead of quietly and quickly removing the story’s post, they re-run it with a self-congratulatory headline touting it’s pick up. Do they NOT have a News Director or GM to steer the ship?

    • unbelievable

      You would think that he was working as a prostitute from the way people are talking. It’s ridiculous that a story like this is leaked to the press just days before the election. If people were kept out of office for stuff they did when they were young there wouldn’t be anyone qualified to run for office. I’m 54 years old now and I smoked pot from the time I was 17 until about 20. Is that a refection on the person I am today? No it isn’t but I was young and having fun and then I grew up. I wasn’t sure who I was voting for but this makes me so mad that I will be voting for Burkhalter.

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