Voters Weigh In On UA Poll Showing Opposition To Statewide Alcohol Sales

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The University of Arkansas on Thursday (Oct. 30) released its annual poll of likely voters, showing more of them were opposed to statewide alcohol sales than for them.

The UA poll shows voters opposing 51 percent to 41 percent a measure that would allow the retail sale of alcohol in every Arkansas county.

Shauna Johnson, who stocks the shelves at On The Border Wine And Spirits in Fort Smith, said she is encouraged by the poll results.

"[The measure] takes away our rights as citizens of Sebastian County to vote," Johnson said. "The sellers we have now could be gone. Walmart could come in and take over. Anyone can come in and distribute the alcohol and it would be detrimental, not just to the liquor stores, but also to the distributors in the area."

According to David Couch of the group Let Arkansas Decide, which is behind the statewide alcohol sales measure, if the initiative passes, it will generate over $100 million a year in annual economic development.

"It will create 500 to 600 new jobs," Couch said. "And generate hundreds of thousand of dollars in additional tax revenues for the dry counties."

Election Day is Nov. 4.


  • ZX

    I’m just glad Benton County is finally wet. If this doesn’t pass, Benton County will continue to gladly welcome the money from the dry counties with open arms!

  • The "Real" Elaphas

    The liberal spin doctors of kfsm are out bashing a poll that they don’t like. Asa and Cotton will win and drunks will lose. Ha ha!

  • Get Real

    Amazing how many people don’t learn from the past. Prohibition didn’t work before, it doesn’t work now. Those voting against the alcohol amendment either live in a “wet” county profiting from their “dry” neighbors, or misguided enough to believe if alcoholic beverages are banned in their county, no one will have access to them. As to local control, let’s bring it up a notch, to individual control. If the public wants to patronize the alcoholic beverage sellers, they will prosper. If not, they fail. Keeping a county dry is only leaving jobs and tax revenue to the wet counties.

    • Joan

      Get Real – If alcohol is sold in all counties, people will not have a choice to not patronize those who sell alcoholic beverages. It will be sold everywhere. Yes, we could refrain from restaurants, but not from grocery and/or convenience stores.

      • Get Real

        the surest way to defeat local alcoholic beverage sales is for the product to become unprofitable. Whether to sell it or not would be up to the individual, and their mind would be made up according to sales. There is always a choice of whether to patronize a business or not. If grocery and/or convenience stores decide to sell alcoholic beverages, it is because a fair number of their customers purchase them. While some are offended by the sale/presence of alcoholic beverages, others should not be denied the choice of whether to buy them or not. What offends me is others telling me what I can or cannot buy because of where I live. Dry counties, if you want to leave jobs and tax revenue to the wet counties, vote against the amendment. They will appreciate you.

  • Josh

    Don’t let the smokescreen fool you. The major voice against this amendment is the liquor store owner association. They’re the ones to lose the most, and were the ones that were against the Benton County change last time. This is just their way of trying to hold on to their profits. Did you know the largest donor to the anti-4 campaign is the Conway County Liquor association. Like to guess what EVERY county that surrounds Conway County is?

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