Adventure Arkansas: Rafting the Mulberry River at Turner Bend

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This week on Adventure Arkansas Tyler is rafting the Mulberry River with the fine folks of Turner Bend Outfitter, established in 1911.  Rafting excursions are all about timing, so Tyler took full advantage of the healthy October rainfall raising the river levels.  Joining Tyler on this week's adventure are some of the 5NEWS Crew: Jay Plyburn, Laura Simon, Meredith Marney, and Joe Pennington.

With 62 miles of winding river through the Ozarks, the Mulberry River provides a number of trip options.  Turner bend offers trips via canoe, kayak, and raft for sections beginning at 4 miles that take about 2 hours up to 23 miles that can take over 11 hours.  For more information about Turner Bend, or to plan your river rafting adventure visit:

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