Booneville Football Photo Lit On Fire By Charleston Sonic Employee

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (KFSM) – A River Valley football rivalry went up in flames Friday, as an Instagram video emerged of an employee at a Charleston Sonic setting fire to a photograph depicting the Booneville High School football team.

The video was uploaded Friday and passed around social media before later being deleted by the Instagram user. The video shows an employee at the Sonic restaurant in Charleston setting fire to a photograph apparently of the Booneville football team, before dropping the photograph in a bucket of water.

The user who uploaded the video states she wishes she could tag everyone in Booneville so they could see the video.

Booneville High School and Charleston High School are set to face off Friday night in Charleston.

The Sonic’s manager told 5NEWS the incident occurred Thursday night, and he learned of it Friday. By early Friday afternoon, he had not yet spoken to the employees, but said he would talk to them after school and carry out the appropriate discipline.

The manager did not say whether he would fire the employees. He said one of those involved plays for the Charleston High School football team.

“We’ve been here for 12 years. This isn’t how we do things,” the manager said. “This is unacceptable, and this isn’t what we’re about.”


  • Charlotte

    I don’t know why this was news either. I clicked on it by mistake thinking I read something about a Sonic employee setting a Booneville high school football player on

  • The "Real" Elaphas

    In other news, Barack Obama is sitting in the Oval Office about to take a lighter to the map of the United States.

  • Footballfan

    If people haven’t figured it out yet the fine folks at Charlestonare nothing more than a bunch of low lifes

  • JC

    A teenage football rivalry rates as news now? How far the little nickel has fallen. Why don’t you shine the light of the news media on corrupt politicians & public figures instead of trying to ruin some stupid kid’s life over a nothing story. Of course doing that would require doing more than rewriting press releases.

    I haven’t watched 5 news in a while. I see I haven’t missed much at all.

  • dakB

    wow, sounds like we have some outstanding journalists and reporters on here. im surprised yall have the time to comment instead of running your own news stations

  • sherry franklin

    I think 5 news done an outstanding job covering this. A place of work is not for things like this. If they fill this way about booneville players, what are they going to do to the food that people order if they know we are from Booneville. There was no since in this. May the best school win the game and leave it at that.

    • Wow

      Also Sherry im sure our kids in football are smart enough its just a game! Its no different then one team saying they are going to beat the other team 48 – 0! Just a little smack talk between teams! Maybe the kid should have just said Your going down in flames Bonneville, we are going to beat you 48-0, then maybe this troublemaker 5 news reporter wouldn’t have reported it! IMO people like this reporter is making a big thing out of nothing at a students expense! He has turned something small and innocent in to something that could cause hate! So I dont know where you get off saying this is good reporting? Good reporting is when there is a real story, not trying to start trouble between towns! We are not as dumb as this reporter thinks, its not about hate, its all about the game and getting pumped for it! At the end may the best team win, then whoever loses they say will get them next game! That is called good sportsmanship, thats the game, picking yourself up and get ready for the next game! This reporter should pull this and apologize for such bad reporting IMO!

  • Max

    Wow really Shain Bergan? You need to get into another line of work! These are high school kids who are rivals who got caught up it the moment! All that means is they are going down in flames(they even had a bucket of water to put in in)…I mean really, have you not ever have rivals who picked at each other before a game? Its just a game and im sure they know that! Are we going to start reporting every thing each team says about each other before every game now? I mean lets get real guy, is this really what news is coming to?

  • Rachel

    The Sonic manager is quoted as saying, “This is unacceptable, and this isn’t what we’re about.”

    What is Sonic about? I didn’t see corn dogs or grape slushes mentioned in the article, so calling a Sonic manager to remark on his planned disciplinary action of a high school student is not news.

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