Fort Smith Police: Uncle Raped 2-Year-Old Girl Hours Before Her Death

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A local man was arrested Friday after a warrant states he raped his two-year-old niece hours before her death earlier this month.

C.J. Davis, 24, was arrested in Pocola, Okla., on an arrest warrant signed by a Sebastian County Circuit judge. He was transferred Friday (Oct. 31) from LeFlore County to the Sebastian County Detention Center, authorities said. The prosecutor has suggested no bond be set for Davis.

Naomi Nichols died Oct. 15 after being taken into Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith with severe internal injuries and bruises all over her body, according to the arrest warrant. Family members told police and 5NEWS the girl died because of injuries suffered while falling down some stairs.

"Obviously, we didn't think he was capable of anything," said Nichols' mother Courtney Nichols. "There's nothing that I would want to say to him. She was perfect. We are going to miss her, we all miss her."

Davis brought Naomi into Sparks and told medical personnel she had fallen down several stairs in his home and that the girl "wasn't acting right," so he placed her in a cold shower to wake her up. The two-year-old threw up while in the shower, so Davis took her to the hospital, he said.

Naomi later died from her injuries in an operating room despite several attempts by medical crews at resuscitation, according to the arrest warrant.

The girl's body was transported for an autopsy to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, where an examiner found evidence of sexual assault. The doctor performing the autopsy determined the injuries occurred within hours prior to the victim's death, the warrant states. Davis told police at the hospital he was the only person watching Naomi in the time leading up to her admission to the hospital.

CJ Davis

5NEWS reporter Aubry Killion spoke with Davis as he was being transferred from the LeFlore County Detention Center to the Sebastian County Detention Center.

Here is the transcript of that conversation:

5NEWS: "Davis, you are accused of raping your two-year-old niece. Did you do it?"

Davis: "No, sir."

5NEWS: "All the evidence is point towards you, according to this arrest warrant."

Davis: "Have you read the other reports? They say I'm horrible. None of it is true."

5NEWS: "What other reports?"

Davis: "Nothing."

5NEWS: "Did you killer her?"

Davis: "No."

5NEWS: "Who is responsible for her death?"

Davis: "No one is."

5NEWS: "How did she die?"

Davis: "No comment."

5NEWS: "What would you tell her parents?"

Davis: "I've already spoken to them."

5NEWS: "What did they say?"

Davis: "No comment."

Following Naomi's death, three other children in the home--aged seven, five and four--were taken into Arkansas Department of Human Services custody.


    • Sean

      There is no justice for children in Sebastian County. The “leaders” like our judges and lawyers cover for each other to make it all go away. Ask Jim Spears about ignoring his lawyer buddy Mike Hamby sleeping with kids.

  • Sean

    If Judge Jim Spears had anything to do with this decision to arrest him all of the evidence must be questioned. The man has too much in his own closet to be trusted and is just as dangerous as any pedophile.

  • Gottalaugh

    I will try to post a comment again…and hope it does not offend… people who do things like this to children should be made to feel alot of pain before they take a dirt nap.

  • Roxanne

    I hope he doesn’t get the death penalty. I prefer him getting raped every day in the pen until HIS body can no longer take it, and he dies.

  • no judge

    So he commented he didn’t do it so we judge before we have all our facts and then you shun him how are you gonna feel when he is released and innocent are you gonna feel any guilt most likely not because you have your mind set on guilt nor will you apologize to him or his family for judging

  • Marie

    You Libs jump to say ‘don’t judge this man’. Where is the demand for the Justice for this baby? Where was the Protectection for this Child. Where Were Her Rights? Her right to Just live and be safe. You want More Dope, more Rights FOR Criminals. More acceptance for Perversion. But No one Protests for the Rights of the Children!

  • Misty Walker

    Sean…tell Us what U know about PC of Shit Spears…asking him won’t do is any good…this is Ur chance…public forum…people to people…and We all Need To Know! thank you for Ur bravery this far but plz do continue or PM me.

    • Sean

      I know Spears colluded and conspired with Michael Hamby of Greenwood to commit atrocities against children. I have proof, but no local prosecutor will touch either of them for fear of losing their career in Sebastian county.

  • survivor

    Speaking for the the unspoken as a 7 year old child I was a victim of two men one from our church the other was my brothers best friend. there is no kind of punishment that will heal the scares there is not justice system our law has failed us many times it breaks my heart to hear of such a horrible a adult now an a mother I trust know one when it comes to my kids know matter how much u may think u know someone u need to stop an rethink do u really know what goes on in another persons head no we don’t things like this should not happen a life should not be taken before it has a chance to live..r.i.p little angle you are safe in gods hands now..I pray for conviction an that all the truth be heard..

  • Allie


  • Allie

    Don’t get me wrong, when I see things on the news like this I react the same way, and until now I have never questioned the validity of the accusations, but I have known the family and CJ is capable of no such thing…

    • HL

      Allie, I don’t know if this guy is guilty or not. I haven’t heard enough information. But, you don’t know if he’s innocent. Just because you know someone, doesn’t mean they can’t do things, you don’t think they’d do. Every time someone does something horrible, someone, who knows the perpetrator, always says, “He wouldn’t do this”, or “He’s not capable of this”. Are all of those people right?

    • HL

      That being said, do you have an explanation as to how these terrible things happened to this poor little girl, while in his care? How did she get her injuries? How did she get raped? She didn’t get raped by falling down stairs. IF he is guilty, I sincerely hope he comes to a very unpleasant end. And soon.

    • the old preacher

      God knows every detail He is taking care of that little soul right now one day real justice will be served

  • raylene

    The medias conviction of him is an atrocity. The are saying he is guilty before he has even had a trial. This is BS.

  • Anonymous

    This truly breaks my heart!! As a mother I couldn’t even imagine I might be going crazy but is the mom smiling when they ask her is there anything you want to say to him.

    • NeverJudge

      You’ll never know what she was thinking in her head. She had just gotten done talking about her daughter when that question was asked so her thoughts were on her daughter still,what mother wouldn’t smile after talking about their children. After the last question was asked about cj she got so upset that she yelled for them to take her mic off then took off crying.

  • Damon S.

    Not saying he did it. However, everyone is capable of ANYTHING. I don’t care how well you know a person, there’s always the chance for surprise.

  • HL

    This is unimaginable. Such an adorable little girl. Sometimes, a child’s worst enemies are the people who are supposed to love them the most.

  • shan

    that poor baby i hope her uncle gets torment in prison that sick. now these days can trust nobody. i have a daughter a year old i will protect her all my might.

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