Make At Home Halloween Costumes For Kids

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RUDY (KFSM) - People are still looking for last minute costume ideas on Friday (Oct.31). A little creativity can go long a long way. A local mother made her son a costume for the very first time and shared about just how easy it can be.

Paige Stith is a stay at home mom. For the first time this year, she made her son Lane his own costume. "He's Popeye the sailor man," said Stith. She started on the cosume two weeks ago by heading to the craft store. "I got the onesie then I got the pants,"said Stith. "They were plain jane then I just started adding stuff slowly."

But you can't have a sailor without having a hat. " It was actually an adult sized hat, so I just cut it down and made it like a little kids," said Stith. All of the materials came at a price tag of around twenty dollars. " It was a lot of trial and error, I would mess up on something and have to go back and fix it," said Stith.

According to Stith, this year was a learning experience and by next year she will become a professional. "Hopefully they will look better as we go," said Stith.

With a little inspiration, any parent can pull together a Halloween costume in no time. Just grab stuff from the garage, your kitchen at the recycling bin to make it.

A few other ideas of things you can put together as a last minute costume. Grab a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat and you're an instant country star. Also, put on a pair of sunglasses and some bright tye-dye clothing at you're a hippie.


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