Thousands Of Trick-Or-Treaters Take Over Fayetteville Square

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Trick-or-treaters filled the square in Downtown Fayetteville on Friday (Oct. 31).

Thousands of people lined the square for two hours, dressed in costumes to collect candy.

"It gives our merchants an opportunity to interact with the community," said Hazel Hernandez, Special Events Manager in Fayetteville. "We just want a fun, and safe, place for the kids to come and trick-or-treat.”

Ty Brasuell was dressed as a pirate. His brother was by his side throughout the event, dressed as a pumpkin.

"I like getting all of the candy," Brassuel said.

James McGinity’s homemade building-crane costume got a lot of attention from trick-or-treaters.

"He was wanting a crane, so we tried to find out the best way to make a crane," said Jim McGinty, James’ father.

Jim McGinty said his son’s crane costume took more than four hours to make.

Last year, nearly 2,000 people attended Trick-Or-Treat on The Square.

"Each year it gets bigger and bigger," Hernandez said. "It is easy on the parents too, just coming out and walking the square.”

Hernandez says she expects nearly 2,500 people came out for the event this year.