Cotton and Hutchinson: Unfazed By Clinton’s Visit

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FAYETTEVILLE [KFSM]- Clinton spoke at a rally in Fort Smith Sunday night (Nov. 2), and Republican candidates Tom Cotton and Asa Hutchinson agreed that his visit will not have an impact on voters.

"It's interesting that the Democrat side can't bring in their chief fundraiser, and the one that heads up their ticket which is President Obama, instead they bring in President Clinton who is a favorite here in Arkansas," Governor candidate Asa Hutchinson said.

U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton said he isn't worried about Bill Clinton's support for Mark Pryor, but is more concerned about Mark Pryor's support for Barack Obama.

"Barack Obama said his policies are on the ballot, here in Arkansas they are called Mark Pryor, and that's why the people of Arkansas are ready to retire Pryor because they know the Obama agenda is bad for Arkansas," Cotton said.

Cotton said he is preparing for the final push to the polls by meeting every voter he can all over the state.

"The days are very full but they are also very fun, so many Arkansans are ready for change in Washington, and they know they need to replace Mark Pryor as their senator, and they want the kind of new direction that I've heard so many people tell me about the last year," Cotton said.

Hutchinson said he and Cotton will be at a rally Monday (Nov. 3) morning at the Fort Smith Convention Center at 7:30 a.m.  The rally is centered on urging citizens to get their vote in on the last day of early voting. The polls are open on Election Day from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

"If you voted call your neighbors, call your friends, make sure they vote, because you never know how close an election is going to be, you want everybody to vote to make sure you have every chance at winning, and doing something good for our country," Hutchinson said.

Cotton is challenging incumbent Mark Pryor, and Hutchinson is running against Mike Ross.



  • Sarah 4.0

    Unusual headline? UNPHASED?
    Asa tried to impeach a sitting President. He is ‘PHASED’ okay? Our man Bill never forgot where he came from.
    Cotton only moved back to Arkansas to run for the House and now less than two years in he is running for Senate. Amazing what an enticement Koch funding can accomplish.

    • Get Real

      Long on rhetoric sarah, but like most liberals, short on fact. Your boy Bill was impeached, not just tried. The Senate failed to convict Billy. Clinton may not have forgotten where he came from, but he sure doesn’t live here, or hang around much,does he? We don’t need any more Obama lap dogs. If the illegals, dead people, and double/triple voters don’t pollute the vote, we may reduce the liberal infestation in DC.

  • No Cotton In 2014

    I agree Sarah 4.0, Cotton thinks he can do an Obama and win the Senate and then run for president, problem is, no one really likes Cotton, other than the mindless Republicants!

    • Arnold fudpucker

      So you admit obumma had no experience when he was elected as president. Look at the miserable state of affairs we are in now because of obumma’s failed leadership and policies. At least Cotton had the lower parts about him and spent time in the service. Obumma just complained and whined about things.

      • No Cotton In 2014

        LOL@ Pudnucker, What in the world do you think a Republicant is going to do? Change the world? Oh yeah, weapons of mass destruction claims so we can sink the future of the next two generations in debt? Go ahead and admit, you don’t like Obumma because he’s black!!

  • JC

    The KFSM lovefest with Bubba Clinton is quite obvious. Three stories and counting. I’m sure the KY was passed around quite a bit in the newsroom yesterday. Well tomorrow you’ll need tranquilizers. It’s gonna be a long night for your liberal scumbags.

  • Horace

    They may very well win, but Arkansas certainly won’t be better off for it. They’ll do what all modern Republicans do, and pillage the poor and working class for the betterment of the wealthy. It’s very sad that so many will vote for them and against their own self interests. On a different note, we again have the troll spewing insults and thumping his tiny chest.

  • Amazed

    Asa needs to stop with the ads that show close-ups of his teeth…I can’t focus on the message for looking at those awful teeth.. He needs to get those things fixed!!!!

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